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Is Your Marketing Really Proactive?

Posted by Corey Smith on Aug 31, 2023 8:54:00 AM

I’ve been working in some form of marketing or sales for almost 40 years. Yes, I’m getting old, but I’m not that old. I sold newspapers door to door when I was throwing papers for The Press Enterprise in Southern California as a young lad. But when I was 16 years old, I really got my initiation into the industry by learning how to run a 2-color printing press for my father’s new print shop in Tempe, Arizona.

Your Sales Pitch Sucks & 5 Tips To Solve It

Posted by Corey Smith on Jul 27, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Let me get to the switch on that bait right off the bat. Your sales pitch is probably okay. What really sucks is your sales approach. But, that might not make you feel any better.

The sales world is changing. In my opinion, the consumer isn’t really changing but, instead, the options available to consumers in they way they buy makes the consumer realize they don’t have to put up with the crap traditional sales people spin. Inbound marketing has changed the way people buy and if sales people are still using the old methods of selling the consumer simply gets angry.

How to Market Your Veterinary Clinic

Posted by Corey Smith on Jul 20, 2023 8:30:00 AM

To earn business, veterinary hospitals have to do more than just put up a sign and hope that pet owners think of them when their pet is having an emergency. The key to engaging pet owners in your community is to offer valuable information and educational opportunities that help them be proactive in the health and wellness of their pets. This could look like in-person events and seminars, or it could be as simple as creating eBooks or one-sheets.

The Tribute Media Evolution

Posted by Corey Smith on Jun 22, 2023 8:30:00 AM

In 2007, I was working for a local company in Boise, Idaho, and really wasn’t happy in my role. I was working for Fisher’s Technology (at the time, it was called Fisher’s Document Systems) as their VP of Innovation. When I was first promoted to that position, I loved it. I was able to use my passion for new things and technology to bring new products and services to the table. I brought document management to their sales team (among other things).

4 Reasons to Use Hubspot's Social Media Tool

Posted by Taylor Munson on Mar 1, 2023 1:30:00 PM

As a HubSpot partner agency, all of us at Tribute Media spend quite a bit of time using HubSpot’s tools. Although we might be biased, we’ve tried a lot of other marketing tools, and HubSpot continues to be one of our favorites. 

One of the best features of HubSpot’s robust software is its social media tool. We’ve found so much value in HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software, and we’ve used other tools like Hootsuite, Sendible, AgoraPulse, and Buffer, to name a few. 

4 Key B2B Marketing Guidelines

Posted by Emery Pearson on Jan 6, 2023 3:18:00 PM

We talk a lot about business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. But what about business-to-business (B2B)? What are the differences in a marketing strategy when selling to businesses as opposed to selling to Tom, Dick, or Harry? Well, I'll tell you what the differences are: not much.

When you are marketing your product or service to businesses, remember that real people make up that business, and appealing to those real people is what is important. Just like in B2C, the selling point of your service or product to a business is "how does it help me?" (As in, how your product/service makes a business more profitable/productive.)  

How a Good Marketing Strategy Can Help You Attract New Patients

Posted by Caty Zimmerman on Sep 14, 2022 11:04:00 AM

As a healthcare organization leader, you know that attracting patients and growing your business is critical for success. With the impact of the pandemic and the rise of online searches for health information, patients are relying more and more on digital channels to find and connect with healthcare providers. Here's why digital marketing is essential for healthcare organizations and how to build a strong online presence.