Copyright Assignment

Usually, when you hire an agency, such as Tribute Media, to perform work for you, the agency owns the license to all work and only allows you use it as long as you are doing business with them. This is often the same approach designers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers use when completing work for you.

At Tribute Media, we believe that's a bunch of hooey (yes, in our legalese, we used the word hooey).

We believe that if you pay for it, you own it. We believe so strongly that is the case, we put it in writing so there is no question at all. Anytime we write something for you; we design something for you; we create something for you; you own it. We make it for you so that you can use it how you want. That means you get to use your logo how you want and where you want. That means you get to use our original artwork how you want and where you want.

Now, there's a catch. You knew there would be, right? Well, there are a few catches.

First, your account has to be paid in full. We hope you think that's fair. If you owe us money, we own your artwork.

Second, some licensing we can't give because others don't believe the same way we do. Whenever possible, we only use sources that allow us to give you full access, but sometimes we can't. If your website is built in a content management system (such as Drupal, HubSpot, or Wordpress) certain licensing may be governed by them. If you choose to select stock photography from our library or have us purchase from a stock photography site on your behalf, that licensing only allows you to use the images in the areas that we place them on your website based on their legalese. That means if you want to use the same image in other locations from the same stock photo provider, you'll most likely need to pay for an additional license to use them how you would like. 

But, you might ask, what about this pesky $15 per image we charge you? Well, that covers two things. First, it compensates us for the time it takes to track down the right image for you. Second, it covers the cost of assigning the license of that stock photo for use on that page of your website. Oh, the cool part about having a recurring marketing contract with us? We don't charge for our standard stock photos if used as a part of our normal monthly marketing efforts for you. Cool, huh? Oh, by the way, we only charge this fee if we are getting the image from our library. If you provide the image, the only charges, if any, would be Photoshop work. If you already own the image and give it to us for your website then there is no reason to pay us again for it.

While we take all care possible to ensure that images are licensed properly, by using our services, you agree that if any photo on your website or in your marketing is not in compliance with applicable licensing laws, you will take all the responsibility and not allow Tribute Media to be held liable for your usage outside of their licensing requirement.

If there is a unique circumstance, we'll make sure you know in writing.

If you want to see how the licensing of these organizations work, please see:

Licensing for Features and Modules

All contributed modules from will be licensed as presently constituted.

Note: These may not be all, so if you need to know other licenses that might apply, ask us and we'll let you know.