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Imagine getting a flyer in the mail advertising some new product or service. It’s from a company you don’t know very well and looks like something a junior high student might slap together (at the last minute, of course). The paper’s cheap, the images are low-quality and the whole thing feels cluttered. (If you really want to up the ugliness factor, imagine the font is Comic Sans.)

Based just on this flyer, will you have much confidence in the product/service advertised? Probably not. Will you take a chance and do business with this company? Even less likely.

When it comes to ads and marketing materials, details and planning count for a lot. That’s just as true in the online world as it is in the physical world.

At Tribute Media, we know how to give consumers the right impression. We can build and employ a variety of email templates to captivate your audience, create a lasting impression, and enhance your brand.

Email Marketing is Still a Thing

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. The latest statistics from the Direct Marketing Association show that email marketing yields a whopping 4,300% return on investment. Minimal investment, high returns, and low environmental impact are just a few reasons that email marketing won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

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How Tribute Media Designs Email Templates

If you want to use your email list to increase the profitability of your business, don’t be generic. Personalized email templates will ensure your business is delivering the content your audience wants in a way they can consume easily.

Tribute Media gives our clients’ emails the same care and attention that we give to their websites. We focus on:

Clarity and Simplicity

Emails shouldn’t strain their recipients’ eyes or brains. We design emails that look appealing and communicate your messages clearly.


We test emails diligently to ensure that links and other elements function properly.


Nowadays, a vast majority of people will use their phones to view websites and read emails. Therefore, it’s important that your emails look good on mobile devices.

Emails and Your Marketing Strategy

Tribute Media doesn’t stop at building email templates and websites. We can help integrate them into an overall web marketing strategy. For information on our marketing resources and services, check out the following pages:


Inbound Marketing

Strategic Marketing Plans

Brand Strategy

If you have any questions about email templates or our other web development tools, contact us!