Social Media Design


Imagine that you’re at a conference or networking event. You see a broad range of people there—those you know well, those you know just slightly and those you’ve never seen before.

Now imagine that you go up to everyone you meet and say, “Hi, my name is X, and I sell Y. I have a special sale today. Can I interest you in…”

Will you win a lot of people over with this approach? Probably not. But too many businesses use their social media in this exact same way.

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms enable you to connect with consumers better than ever before. However, you can’t just use these platforms to shove your products and services down people's throats.

Instead, you need to emphasize the “social” in social media. You need to stimulate conversation and interaction through your social media pages, not just use them to make a quick buck.

Tribute Media can help you look your best and get people talking. Our Social Media Design and Management services enable you to get the most from social media platforms and boost your brand online.

New Call-to-actionBuilding Your Social Media Pages

Tribute Media knows the business advantages that social media offers. That’s why we give our clients’ profiles the same attention to detail that we give to their websites. This includes:

Image and Content Guidelines

We keep up-to-date on the image and content guidelines for different social media platforms.

Image, Vision and Goals

By working closely with you, we ensure that your social media content aligns with your vision and helps you reach your business goals. We create content that makes you look both professional and personable.

Social Media Management

In addition to building your profiles, Tribute Media can help you leverage your social media presence. We can develop a strategy that strengthens your bonds with your customers. To learn more, check out our page on Social Media Management.

If you have questions about our social media-related services, contact us!