Case Studies

Tribute Media Helps Women's Clinic Improve Organic Web Traffic by 8X

In the Spring of 2018, the general manager of a local women's health clinic with three locations in the Treasure Valley (focused on obstetrics & pregnancy care, gynecology, and pre-menopausal medicine) reached out to our team at Tribute Media. He had been sitting in on meetings with the organization’s board of trustees where it was becoming more and more apparent in conversations that they weren’t staying competitive in their industry and needed to gain more traction finding new patients online. 

Effectively Moving Heart Hugger Clients Through the Buyers Journey

Building Transformyou's Authority with Pillar Content

Tuesday Tips Email Marketing

"When I was assigned our weekly Tuesday Tips blogging task, for the first month, I just did what had always been done: I wrote a compelling marketing tip in blog form. The only thing was… no one was engaging, and we weren't seeing results.

I quickly realized that we needed to revamp our Tuesday Tips."

-Sarah Wai, Inbound Marketing Specialist

Poole Family Farms: Lead Generation and Customer Retention

Poole Family Farms is a small, four-generation family farm, joyfully bringing locally grown produce to communities in the Pacific Northwest. They provide high-quality produce, direct from the farm, at bulk rate pricing.

The Poole family offers an opportunity for “You-Pick Cherries” right from the Poole Family Farm property in Hood River, Oregon, as well as deliveries of a variety of fresh produce from their farm and from other Oregon family farms, to Portland, Newport, Corvallis, and beyond (12+ locations).

SEO and PPC Work Together To Improve Website Performance

“It can be a challenge to convince clients that, in fact, Google has strategically married these two tactics to benefit people searching for products and services. It’s always great to when clients trust us enough to implement their PPC and SEO together.”
- Nikki Wardle, Inbound Marketing Specialist

Mode Saves Money Thanks to HubSpot and a Smart Office Manager

"“Now that I understand hubspot I’m saving money on support tickets and little changes. We’re even moving away from a code based platform to HubSpot for other site assets so I won’t need a developer to do everything.”
- Caty Smart, Office Manager-Mode Realty Group

SHPBEDS.ORG: Automation for Non-Profit Growth

"Without Hubspot's automation, we would have relied on manual efforts to vet more than 1,000 individuals manually. By automating the vetting process, the majority of the candidates that were not ready to move forward were able to exit the process on their own saving hundreds of hours for the all-volunteer staff."
- Corey Smith, SHP CMO

Intermountain Pet Inbound Marketing

"Our experience with Tribute Media has been fantastic! Web marketing can be a complicated strategy for small business, and the entire team at Tribute Media has done a great job educating us as well as getting to know our business personally. We truly feel that this process has been a collaborative effort from the start. Tribute Media has proven to be a team of professionals working together to create the best possible outcomes for our business."

-Kim Mulvahill, CVT, Hospital Administrator

We Build Idaho Online Presence

"Tribute Media's team of web developers and graphic designers held my hand throughout the process of building the website. Together, we collaborated to create a site that not only met my initial expectations but far surpassed them. I found the team I worked with to be unceasingly flexible, patient, clearly communicative, detail-oriented, creative, knowledgeable, and above all, personable."

-Hailey Reyes, Idaho Associated General Contractors: Outreach Director