Tribute Media Brand Guidelines

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Make sure you look over the guidelines below to know how to use these logos properly. 

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Our official colors


Full-Color Logo Usage

Tribute Media logo should be used in full-color wherever possible.

Acceptable uses of Tribute Media’s full-color logo:

(Always ensure there is adequate space surrounding the logo, nut/bolt and tagline.)


When using the full-color logo on a dark background, ensure all colors do not clash and that there is adequate contrast in the colors. Change the tagline to white but do not change primary colors.


Unacceptable uses of the full-color logo:


When a background makes it impossible to maintain color and contrast then put the logo in a box with a slightly rounded corner. 3px or 4px for web or about .042in for print is acceptable.


When logo and nut/bolt icon are used on the same page they should always have the same relative size. When side-by-side they should maintain the spacing and format indicated above. When in different locations on the page, they should be far enough away from each other so it is understood they are not intended to be side-by-side but the relative size of the two elements should be the same. You can use the logo separate from the tag-line but the tagline should never be omitted when useing the nut/bolt icon.


Single-Color Logo Usage

If you need to use a single-color logo, never use the full-color version as a single-color logo. Any color that compliments your design is acceptable for the single color instance of the logo.

Acceptable uses of the single-color logo:


Never use the full-color version of the color as a single-color logo. Never attempt to change the full-color logo to be anything but a full-color logo. There is no two-color or three-color option. Only a single-color or full-color version. The specific area of concern is the nut/bolt icon.

Unacceptable uses of the single-color logo:



In some cases the use of the nut/bolt icon maybe used as an accent or design element. In some cases a variant of the single color logo maybe acceptable. If you would like to use the logo in a way not allowed for in these guidelines, please send your specific request to marekting (at) tributemedia (dot) com.


Oh, and as you would imagine, these logos and files are copyright by Tribute Media, Inc. We own them and are allowing you to use them. We reserve the right to request that you remove them and by using them you agree that you’ll follow our guidelines and adhere to our requests with regards to their usage.