Still making cold calls? Buying emails lists? Scrounging around for leads?
We’ll be blunt: Most traditional methods of outbound marketing suck. What consumer sits at home waiting for a salesperson to call and try to shove a product down their ear-holes? Do you think anyone actually gives their blessing to have their email address sold to the highest bidders so they can watch their inbox fill with emails from reps who clearly don’t know or care who they are? 

If you are doing those things, AND you are still in business, you're one of the lucky ones. But wouldn't you rather be thriving than just surviving?

At Tribute Media, we believe wholeheartedly in the inbound approach to marketing. Why? Because it’s more effective in these digital-dominated times.

Inbound marketing builds your reputation and gives your business a solid foundation on which it can grow and prosper. Your customers and prospects prefer this approach, which leads to greater success for your company.

How does inbound marketing do these things? By enticing the right customers to come to you.


Outbound marketing involves a sort of carpet-bombing approach to informing customers about your business. It could mean sponsoring events, paying for radio and TV ads, making billboards and more.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on drawing in your dream customers. You do this by creating and sharing content that speaks directly to these people—their problems, their needs, their aspirations.

With substantive, personalized content, you can attract more qualified prospects. Better still, not only will they come back for more, these people will help promote your business and get you even more leads.

Shifting to an inbound approach to marketing takes a substantial shift in thinking from traditional, outbound marketing strategy. This resource page is designed to answer your questions about inbound marketing and help you shift your thinking so that you can utilize the methodology.