Strategy Workshops


Alignment of Goals Across Your Organization. A workshop brings together key stakeholders across the company and ensures everyone is working toward the same goal. 

Trying Out a Partnership with Tribute Media. Starting with a workshop allows our teams to work together for a day and see what kind of magic we can make.

Get the "Picture of the Dress." If you've ever been wedding dress shopping, you know bridal shops won't allow you to take a picture of the dresses you try on, so you can't take their designs to a seamstress to have the dress made at a fraction of the price.  Well, with a workshop, we give you a strategy and set of deliverables you can implement in-house or with another partner, if you choose.

Jumpstarting Your Project. During a workshop, we complete the first few steps of your website project and marketing onboarding. For website development projects, it cuts an average of three weeks off of the time it takes to complete your project; and for marketing, we can get you nearly fully onboarded rather than using your first month of marketing budget to complete onboarding. 

Inbound Marketing Workshop

  • Goal Setting
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Building a Marketing Wishlist
  • Campaign Strategy for Each Buyer's Journey Stage
  • Campaign Development 
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment Strategy

Website Development Workshop

  • Goal Setting
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design Mockup
  • User Experience Strategy 
  • Website Feature Discussion
  • Building a Website Wishlist
  • Project Roadmapping

 Oh, and don't worry, we'll also feed you.

Workshops can take place at the Tribute Media office or we can send a facilitator to your location (with additional cost for travel).

Half-Day Workshop $3,000
Full-Day Workshop $6,000

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