Social Media Management & Strategy


A while back, a business consultant came to Tribute Media’s founder, Corey Smith. “I need to help my client build a social media strategy,” the consultant said.

This statement sounded odd to Corey, so he asked, “What’s this company’s social strategy?”

The consultant didn’t have an answer. Perhaps you wouldn’t either. But you should.

That’s where Tribute Media’s Social Media Management and Strategy service comes in. We can break down the misconceptions surrounding social media and help you connect with customers through your profiles.

Why is that important? Social media engagement and efforts are an increasingly important part of your company's overall web presence.

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Being Social on Social Media

The key word in social media is social. Sure, your social media accounts are part of your company’s marketing efforts. As such, you’ll use them to sell your stuff and make more money.

Before you can do that, however, you need to use your social media pages the way they were meant to be used. In other words, you need to interact with your current and potential clients. You need to share useful information and stir up conversations.

Tribute Media can help you find and connect with your target audience. We can design your social media pages and help you manage them. We have the talent and experience to make your social media profiles a powerful part of your greater marketing efforts.

Key Elements of Social Media Management

To make your social media pages drive your business, you need two things: business objectives and a strategy. To get these two things, you need to ask questions like:

Should You Use Social Media at All?

Since most people use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites nowadays, the answer to this question is most likely yes. Still, you should ask yourself exactly what you want to get from your social media accounts.

  • Do you just want more attention for your business?
  • Do you want more qualified leads?
  • Do you want to change or refine your brand?

Once you figure out your ultimate goal, you can start developing your social media strategy.

Which Platforms Do You Use?

Currently, the most popular social media platforms include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Each platform has its own unique features and appeal. To understand which sites will help you reach your marketing goals, you need to understand how each site works.

What Kind of Content Should You Post?

Once you have an idea of which social media platforms will work best for you, you need to think about the content you’ll post. Cute cat pictures and funny memes are fine for your personal profiles, but your business pages will require more substance.

Your social media content needs to be:

  • Well-written/well-designed
  • Detailed and informative
  • Relevant to your industry and your audience’s interests

How Do You Respond to Comments?

Again, social media is all about conversation.

When you get comments and feedback from clients and followers, you keep the conversation going through courteous, considered responses. This helps enhance your brand and persuade your audience to do what you want them to do.

Want more details about Social Media Management? Drop us a line through our Contact Us page!