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HubSpot Strategy & Training

New to HubSpot?

Researching marketing automation? Looking for a free CRM? Already purchased HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service Hubs but not sure what to do next?

You would not be alone. 

This page is designed to be a resource for HubSpot users from the brand new to the veterans and power users. For all things HubSpot and Inbound Marketing, from software onboarding to building a website with the inbound methodology in mind, and to stay connected to all the latest and greatest HubSpot features, explore the services, resources, and opportunities below.  

When you hire a HubSpot Certified Trainer, you can be confident you are getting the best and latest information and education on all things HubSpot.

HubSpot Agency Partnership

HubSpot offers...

  • A feature-rich marketing software suite for blogging, email, social media, lead capture and more.
  • Automation tools to streamline processes and nurture leads
  • A CMS (Content Management System) preferred by professional marketers
  • A sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) 
  • A ticketing system to provide a delightful customer service experience

With all those features and more, it's no surprise that many organizations using HubSpot are only scratching the surface of what this incredible tool can do. 

Working with a HubSpot Partner Agency

 HubSpot Directory Listing

To make sure you are getting the best value from your HubSpot tools and experience a return on your investment, HubSpot requires you to either purchase onboarding directly from them, or you can elect to work with a partner agency for HubSpot onboarding and training. 


The HubSpot Directory provides information on HubSpot agencies all over the world, including:

  • Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Specialties
  • Location

HubSpot partner agencies vary in their offerings. Some partner with HubSpot because the agency sells marketing services, such as:

  • Integrations
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Website Development
  • ...Just to name a few

While all agencies likely have someone on staff who can conduct some basic HubSpot trainings, Tribute Media specializes in HubSpot training and onboarding. We have two HubSpot Certified trainers on staff and Inbound Marketing Specialists with a range of expertise from email marketing to SEO.

Onboarding & Training

HubSpot is an incredibly robust tool to optimize your inbound marketing and sales strategies. And it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start.  To ensure you get maximum ROI from day-one, work with a HubSpot Certified Trainer to get you started on the right foot. 

Tribute Media offers a variety of HubSpot Onboarding and Training Packages to accompany some of HubSpot's most popular software packages

  • Free CRM Setup & Training
  • HubSpot Marketing Starter Onboarding
  • HubSpot Marketing Professional Onboarding

We'll craft a custom training program for any other level of HubSpots Sales, Service, or Marketing Hubs. Just ask!

View Training Packages and Pricing

Inbound Strategy

Inbound Marketing & Website Development Workshops 


To get your inbound marketing strategy started on the right foot, we recommend a half- to full-day workshop. Depending on your objectives, your workshop may include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design Mockup
  • User Experience Strategy 
  • Website Feature Discussion
  • Building a Marketing and Website Wishlist
  • Campaign Strategy for Each Buyer's Journey Stage
  • Campaign Development 
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment Strategy

 Oh, and don't worry, we'll feed you.

Workshops can take place at the Tribute Media office or we can send a facilitator to your location (with additional cost for travel).


View Workshops and Pricing Info

Already Using HubSpot?

If you are already a seasoned HubSpot user and Inbound Marketer, we are happy to hear it! We love knowing that more and more sales people and marketers are ditching old-school, interruptive (and just plain ANNOYING) tactics behind in favor of the buyer-centric inbound approach to sales and marketing! 

Since everyone can use a little help and a little refresher every now and then, Tribute Media offers a variety of resources for HubSpot users. 

HubSpot Audits

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes. Getting another HubSpot expert in your portal provides the additional perspective that is sometimes needed to optimize how you use your HubSpot tools. 

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HubSpot Audits are free and there are no strings attached. We just really love HubSpot and want to see everyone using it to its full potential!

HubSpot User Group Boise

If you are a HubSpot user in the Boise area, we'd like to invite you to join the Boise HubSpot User Group (HUG)! HUG events are always FREE and will give you the chance to meet and exchange ideas with other people who are using HubSpot for sales and marketing. 

The Boise HUG does big training event once per quarter at the Tribute Media office, as well as shorter monthly meet-ups in between. 


See upcoming Boise HUG Events!


Previous HUG events have included presentations on topics such as:

  • Workflows
  • Email for B2B Marketing
  • Creating Chatbots
  • Pillar Content Strategy
  • Email Deliverability
  • GDPR
  • HubSpot Design Tools
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The Boise HUG has brought in speakers from HubSpot HQ in Boston, as well as featured local experts from large organizations in Boise, such as Kount, Vacasa, and Employers Resource. Plus, your Boise HUG hosts, Corey and Lindsey, are HubSpot Certified Trainers. 


Not in the Boise area?


Find your local HUG!


Advanced HubSpot Trainings & Refreshers 

Whether you are onboarding a new employee and don't have the time or resources to train them on HubSpot or want your whole team to have a little HubSpot refresher course every once in awhile, a HubSpot Certified Trainer can tailor a training to meet your needs. 


What is a HubSpot Certified Trainer?

HubSpot Certified Trainers have earned an exclusive HubSpot Academy certification and went through a rigorous  application process. HubSpot Certified Trainers have access to special resources specifically curated by HubSpot for trainers with this qualification. When you hire a HubSpot Certified Trainer, you can be confident you are getting the best and latest information and education on all things HubSpot.