page-body-drupalYou don’t have a cookie-cutter business. No matter which industry you’re in, you’ve got your own style and character.

Your website should reflect your crucial characteristics and display them to visitors. It should set you apart from your competitors and function in ways that enhance your marketing efforts both online and offline.

Tribute Media can build you a website that communicates your specific vision and purpose. We have extensive experience using Drupal, one of the most sophisticated and most popular content management systems in the world today. You’ll stand out online and enhance your company’s brand.

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Tribute Media and Drupal 9

Tribute Media has been using Drupal as our mainstay for website development since our founding in 2007 with Drupal 5. While we work in other platforms as well, such as HubSpot and Wordpress, Drupal is our enterprise class go-to for website development.

In the end, you may not care about which website platform is used for your website… and, in fact, you probably shouldn't care. However, we care because the platform chosen should be qualified to help you achieve critical business goals.

Drupal 9 is the current version of Drupal. Drupal 9 provides the most robust feature set of any website development platform available. Tribute Media has taken it a step further. Even though Drupal is powerful out of the box, it's even more amazing that Tribute Media has spent hundreds of hours working to develop a framework that can grow most easily with your changing needs.


Key Features to Drupal from Tribute Media

We've already mentioned that Drupal 9 is an enterprise class website platform that can grow with your needs. But, that's only the start. Tribute Media has created our own implementation of Drupal that allows for some amazing customizations that fit your marketing and development needs.


Rich Feature Set

While it's impossible to document the full list of possibilities for your new Drupal 9 website, we have a demo site that lists the most common features that our clients use. From integrated hero banners to ecommerce. From landing pages to member access. From our own magic accordion feature to our own overlay menu feature. Tribute Media's Drupal 9 allows for virtually endless options.

You can see the features we are showcasing on our demo site.

Be sure to click through on the links. There are some pretty cool features that have the power to make all your website dreams come true.


Free Upgrades for Life

Most of the time when you get a new website, the software has a finite life span. After some period of time (usually 3 years or so) you'll need to overhaul that with the updated software. That, oftentimes, will really be just creating a new website.

Starting with Drupal 8, each major upgrade is now a part of the package. When a new major version comes out and your site is ready for the upgrade (or needs the upgrade) we simply make that happen. In fact, we likely won't even tell you because you'll just be happy your website keeps working and is constantly secure.

Of course, you might still want to overhaul things like your content or your design… and we can help you with those things, too. The bottom line is that your website platform will always be up to date.


Customer Documentation

At Tribute Media, we believe that it's critical that you only hire us because you want to focus on what you do best rather than work on your website. You don't hire us because you can't work on your website. 

Because of that core philosophy at Tribute Media, we want to make sure that managing your website is accomplished as efficiently and easy as possible.

Traditionally speaking, you'll find client documentation on some centralized knowledgebase. You have to hunt for the elements that apply to you. But, what if the technology has updated beyond your website's update? What if the knowledgebase is old and outdated?

All of our websites now have documentation built in and designed specifically for your configuration. From the way the design interacts with various elements to the way custom features are implemented, at the click of a button on your admin panel you will see the documentation is designed for you. In fact, as you add custom features (either during the initial website build or at a later date) the documentation will be updated to match your website.

See Our Sample Documentation


Drupal Does it All

Drupal is the platform preferred by organizations with the most sophisticated website demands. Here’s a look at a few you might be familiar with: 

  • Tesla
  • NASA
  • Princeton University Admissions
  • London City Government
  • Charles Schwab
  • Verizon
  • NCAA
  • The Emmys
  • Jack Daniels
  • Mint
  • Lady Gaga’s Official Website

Drupal has thousands of modules that enable you to make more complex, personalized sites. It doesn’t just take you “outside the box”—it almost wipes out the idea of the box altogether.


Highly Scalable and Dependable

Don’t have an operation as big as the ones mentioned above (yet)? Not to worry.

One major advantage of Drupal is its scalability. You can tailor and adjust it to fit the needs of both larger and smaller businesses. It also integrates easily with SAP and other applications and allows your site to grow as needed.

At Tribute Media, we want everyone to get the best start online, so we’ve taken the time to craft a handful of Drupal website templates to serve a variety of industries (and you don’t have to have a NASA-sized budget).

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Outstanding Security

Some people compare Drupal to iOS: It’s not absolutely, completely, 100% hack-proof, but it comes pretty dang close.

Drupal was created and thoroughly tested to meet the highest security standards. That’s probably one big reason why government agencies across the world build their sites on Drupal.


SEO, Mobile Responsiveness, and Accessibility

Three major concerns for your website are:

1) Getting noticed favorably by Google and other search engines

2) Looking good no matter what devices a visitor is using

3) Having a site that meets accessibility standards for people of all abilities

Drupal makes accomplishing all of these easy. Building a site with Drupal allows you to show content that catches search engines’ attention. It also enables sites to look the same way whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device. This will make your site more appealing and easy to navigate no matter how people view it.

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