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Posted by Caty Smart on Dec 21, 2018 11:41:17 AM

Facebook lead generation

Remember the days of needing a college email address in order to be verified to sign up for Facebook?

As the kids say, "lol!"

Now, according to Hubspot, there are reportedly over 1.5 billion daily users on the social media platform. Because so many people are on it, so are most businesses so they can get their products in front of more users. 

As social media became more popular for businesses to advertise on, "social experts" started giving advice on how to get your content in front of more people and how to get your current audience to engage more. The issue with that is you can find these tips all over the world wide web, so the secrets out, my friends. I'm sorry to say, you aren't the only entrepreneur paying to boost your content in 2018. The platform is now over-saturated with paid ads and boosted campaigns that yield less than ideal conversion rates.

In addition to the problem with boosted campaigns and paid ads, Facebook has changed their algorithms more times than we can count in order to put more organic content in front of their users to create a better overall experience. So, while you won't want to abandon all paid social efforts (after all, Facebook gives you access to ready-made, segmented audiences), odds are, it's time to try something new. Now for the bigger question, how do you redirect your efforts?

Get in the conversation, don't interrupt it.

A great way to get in front of a new audience (and to grow yours) is to join local Facebook groups where you'd find your most-likely customers. It's about being helpful and relatable to your audience and taking the time to help them overcome their challenges.

For example, are you a carpenter in Boise, Idaho? Join a Treasure Valley DIY group and make sure to comment using some of your expertise when someone has a woodworking question.

Are you a advertising agency in Texas? Join a Texas-based entrepreneurs group and be on the lookout for questions about online marketing tactics or social media best practices for new businesses.

Creating genuine relationships with local users by providing value to people who ask for your advice will create a sense of trust associated with your brand, and this type of ROI will be far greater than boosting a post with hopes that Facebook hasn't changed their algorithms yet again.

Other Tips Worth Noting for Using Facebook for Business:

1. Use it with a Purpose

When commenting and engaging for lead generation purposes, you should be able to drive traffic to your Facebook business page when you've reached a point in the conversation when it feels appropriate.

To be clear, when I say drive traffic to your page, I don't mean for you to SPAM your business page link in every comment you leave on your great aunt's new profile picture for all of her friends to see.

2. Have Some Authority

Your business page should have your high-resolution business logo featured as the profile picture and quality posts that highlight your work. Make sure to include posts that link back to informative blogs or eBooks on your page that might help users who simply aren't ready to buy yet.

It also isn't a bad idea to periodically re-post some of your favorite reviews from past customers. These days, with everyone spamming their ads in our news feeds, we as consumers want to see past customers backing up what you're saying about your business.

3. Don't Forget to Engage with Your Audience

While it's not uncommon to focus on growing your audience, don't let your current audience sit idly by.

Post often, and post engaging questions that relate to your industry to get your audience interacting with your brand, and be sure to respond promptly to comments, whether it's a pricing question or simple hello.

Don't be afraid to have fun! I mean, have you seen the way fast food restaurant accounts interact on social media? It is pure genius and certified content gold.

out with the old, and in with the new...

Take the next two hours to put your company's buyer personas to use in order to join Facebook groups where your future customers are most likely to be. Next, customize how often you want to receive notifications of new posts in the group because nobody wants those awful alerts that happen every time someone posts a new reply.

Finally, stop relying solely on boosted posts, and say hello to a new hour in your day (or week) dedicated to Facebook group engagement for higher quality leads.

Happy lead hunting!


Caty Smart

Written by Caty Smart

As client strategist and account manager for Tribute Media clients, Caty manages client relationships. She has a strong background in creating marketing strategies, auditing websites, email marketing, social media, and building web content focused on turning leads into customers.

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