It's Time for Your Business To Be Social on Social Media

Posted by Sarah Wai on Sep 22, 2020 2:32:00 PM

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This blog was originally written September 2018 but has since been updated.

Engaging/socializing with your followers on social media should be a key component of your social media marketing strategy (and a small part of your overall SEO strategy). It may seem like an obvious statement but after looking at numerous companies’ social media sites (especially small businesses) it appears that some people still don’t understand how important this is to social media marketing success.

The people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram giving your page love are on there trying to interact with you through messages, comments, tags, etc. Having a page that is interesting to your audience is what will get them to like, comment on, and share your stuff- but then you need to take it a step further and respond back where appropriate. The number one mistake companies make is using their social sites solely to promote their products and not providing value to their followers or caring about the interactions they have.

Sharing your products and/or services is completely acceptable (why else would you bother if you don't get something out of it?) but when the majority of your posts are just links to products then there is a problem. No one wants to browse a Facebook page that is full of sales pitches, demands to 'sign up now' and links to your website that don't provide anything valuable to them. A widely accepted ratio for sales-related posts vs. entertaining/engaging/culture posts is roughly 20:80.

Ideas for Engaging Your Social Media Followers

Industry-Appropriate Humor

Share humor that is appropriate for your industry. Don't share cats doing cartwheels or other social posts that are completely unrelated to your industry. That doesn't benefit you or your followers. But humor related to your industry, there is more of a chance people will like it, make comments and share it with their friends, which will get your page more likes and a higher engagement rate. 

Engage With Your Followers

This is the best way to show your humanity to your followers. Respond to and share their posts, and when they comment on your posts make sure to comment back! Build trust with your followers; they will be more likely to purchase your products if they trust you. Interact with them more often than not. 

Provide Valuable Content

Post content your audience actually finds valuable! Constant posts about your store business hours and your top selling product is a quick way to get “unliked.” Spend some time thinking about what your audience would like to know and would answer their questions. Know your buyer personas! If you don't, we've got some great Buyer Persona Worksheets you can work through.

For example: If you are a realtor (see our case study on how a realty group has had great success), use your Facebook and Twitter to post interior design advice, photo’s of awesome house designs, common moving mistakes, etc.  People are more likely to engage with your page because it’s attention grabbing and has useful information. Then when they are ready to buy or sell a home, you are more likely to be their first call because you have established credibility and trust.

Post Product and Services Info in Moderation

Again, refer to the 20:80 ratio. But if you are having an awesome sale or just started offering a new product or service then let your audience know! If there is company news or changes give them an update but do it in an interesting way. Have it accompanied by a picture or a funny story. Just make sure not to let product/services posts eat up your followers news feed.

Social media is such a great way to gain attention for your product and services and also great for boosting public relations but only if you use it properly. You may have 1,000 followers, but if you have no interesting or valuable posts then you won’t get anywhere with those followers. And if they are taking the time to respond to your posts and they're getting crickets from you... It's time to start engaging!

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Former Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Master in Business Administration.