The 5 B's of Facebook

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Nov 27, 2013 4:16:00 PM


Everyone has a Facebook Business Page these days. The question is are you doing it right? Here are the 5 Bs of Facebook and how to be a successful business using this network.

Be yourself

Be authentic and transparent. Decide who your company is and talk about things that reflect that.  Be honest. If you sell industrial supplies, don't be afraid to talk about the downsides of certain products. Modern customers know better than to trust claims that everything you sell is made out of sunshine, rainbows, and magic.  

Be generous

Offer special benefits to clients that follow you on Facebook. Offer free workshops and learning opportunities. Highlight their success stories on your page, and seek to add as much value to them as possible. Think before you post. This means thinking critically about what you're adding to the conversation.

Be awesome

Being awesome is relative, and dependent on company culture. Find a balance between professional and personality. Each company is different.  Remember that fun drives reader engagement. It never hurts to take a friendly approach. A good brand personality will make your fans more engaged.

Be empathetic

Follow the golden rule. Remember your manners and re read everything you post. Make sure you are always professional and respectful on social media. Empathy is about continually seeking to understand how your audience feels, what challenges they face, and working hard to provide a product and resources that help them address those needs and challenges. Listen to them and get to know them. This will build a strong foundation for your business and help you hone in on your target audience.

Be extraordinary

Set the standard high. Always seek to try new things, test new ideas, and be relevant. This is a healthy practice for your business. Being extraordinary lets you tell unique stories in a way that other brands may not be able to. It's all about setting yourself apart. Being extraordinary includes making the most of the platform. Use image posts that are cohesive and represent your brand. Your page as a whole should have a visual flow. This will encourage your fans to engage with your page and make your Facebook page look more professional and put together. Choose a voice that fits your brand deliver it extraordinarily well. Make sure to plan and format your posts. If you mention one of your fans, tag their name with @Username.

Whatever you do make sure to create a style guide and stick to it. Stay consistent and your fans will not only get to know you, but will also respect and understand you.

Wally Narwhal

Written by Wally Narwhal

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