SEO Tactics Part 1: Submit Your Sitemap to Google

Posted by Sarah Wai on May 24, 2016 11:49:00 AM


One of the first search engine optimization tactics you want to implement is to create a sitemap or submit your existing sitemap for your website to Google.A sitemap is a way to tell Google about the pages on your site that it might not otherwise be able to discover on its own.Google uses robots, or web crawlers, to scan the content of sites to index the information for use in its search results. Sitemaps that have been submitted to Google can make this process easier and can certainly help Google find pages that may not necessarily be linked to your homepage.

Benefits of Submitting Your Sitemap

  1. If your site has pages that aren’t easily discovered by a Google's robots during the crawl process, a sitemap will show the critters where to go to easily index new content and to get recently updated content indexed faster.
  2. Allows Google's robots to crawl your site more effectively, making sure all content is indexed and added to relative search rankings.
  3. Shows your site’s links under your organic search listing (e.g. home page, about, products, etc.).

Adding your sitemap is just one of the many SEO tactics you'll want to utilize in your SEO strategy.

How to Submit a Sitemap to Google


The first step in submitting a sitemap will be to create one if your Webmaster hasn’t already. Content management systems like Drupal may have the .xml file ready for submission, which will allow you to copy and paste when the time comes.

Execution in 5 Simple Steps

Once you have the code ready to go:

  1. Go to the Google’s Webmaster Tools homepage and login with your username and password.
  2. Add your site if it hasn't already been added to the Webmaster Tools. 3. Once your site is added, navigate to the left-hand menu and click "Optimization", and then click "Sitemaps".
  3. From here, simply click the Add/Test Sitemap button.
  4. In the provided text box, complete the path for your Sitemap (ex. If your Sitemap is at, type sitemap.xml).

BOOM! Your Sitemap has been added to Google!

Submitting your sitemap to Google is an essential step in SEO and after doing so, you should see positive results. Why wait for Google to crawl your site when you can easily submit the information yourself? Submit your sitemap, wait for Google to index it, and then move on to your next step in the SEO process.


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