What is a CMS?

Posted by David Miller on Jun 18, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Content Management System

Building a website is a complicated affair, there’s no way around it. It just is. Have you ever tried to jump into your company’s site to make some changes, only to presented with walls of intimidating code?

The smallest error in code is potentially detrimental to an entire site. The prospect of ruining a website can cause even the most intelligent people to shy away from the task of website updates, leaving them to the IT guy handle the updates when he can “get around to it.”

That’s no good.

Content Management Systems

Busy professionals need to be able to make necessary changes to a website whenever a need for change arises, not when someone else’s schedule allows.

That’s where a CMS comes in.

A CMS, as the acronym suggests, is a Content Management System. In other words, your website developer is the one who has to deal with the complex work of building your site into the CMS. When the website development is complete, your developer hands it over to you, where you can change content and make updates to your heart’s content — without having to worry about breaking anything.

Popular Content Management Systems:

You may have heard of some of these commonly used CMS:

  • Drupal: If your site was built by Tribute Media, you probably have a Drupal site. 
  • Wordpress: This is the most widely used by bloggers and businesses, alike
  • Joomla: Another popular options for a user-friendly, intuitive experience

While Tribute Media primarily builds in Drupal, another one of our favorites is HubSpot, which is actually a COS --Content Optimization System-- which is basically a CMS on steroids. It offers a ton of extra features that optimize your website for mobile responsiveness, content marketing, SEO, and more.

As a non-coding, busy professional, there is no better alternative solution for managing your website. It’s easy to use and intuitive, saving you time and frustration.

David Miller

Written by David Miller

With a background in web development and an education from The College Of Western Idaho, Dave has thrown himself into the world of web development and design. He contributes hard work and comedic relief to the Tribute team.

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