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Posted by Duncan Laney on Jul 8, 2015 9:00:00 AM

GoogleFu - How Google has changed

With the Internet, we have gained a powerful tool for using and gathering information. The way we access information has changed as well. Especially with the explosive growth of smartphones. Our beloved handheld devices have put the Internet at our fingertips. Google has grown to be the most popular go-to search engine. Now that discussion you used to have between friends arguing back and forth on a contested point can be solved in seconds with a simple Google search to prove once and for all who is right.  Stories with great exaggerations, or useless random trivia can now be fact checked and proved or disproved immediately. We call this "Google Fu."

Search Master

Anything you could ever want to know can be found on Google as long as you search correctly. It used to be you had to know the right terms to search to get the results you wanted. However, Google has paid close attention to how people search and changed (and keeps changing) their search algorithms accordingly. With these changes, it makes it much easier to use natural patterns when doing searches.

For example if you are looking for instructions on how to change the headlight in your 94 Toyota Camry, you could search for, “Toyota Camry headlight replacement.” But I have found that if you search for exactly what you need to, will give you awesome search results. 

Google Info Window

Google has also made it easier to find out information about many things directly from Google. If you search for how many cups are in a gallon, it will tell exactly how many at the top of Google without having to click any search results. It’s also a good way to find out about times or events that will be happening that day. During football season all you have to type is “NFL” into the search bar, and it will bring up an entire list of matchups and game start times for that day right at the top of Google. Google will also do the math for you if you type equations or problems into the search bar. You can do all of these things, and many more just with a simple Google search.

Using Google Fu effectively can be a valuable skill to have, and you can use it learn all sorts of things, as well as plenty of useless information.

My Google Fu is strong, and your can be too. Try a couple different ways of typing in the same search term, and experiment with doing natural speaking searches, and you too can become a master of Google Fu. Go forth across the land and spread your knowledge of useless trivia, and show start times!

Duncan Laney

Written by Duncan Laney

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