Dealing With Business Bullies

Posted by Doug Collins on Jun 9, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

Business Bullies

Much akin to grade school, bullies exist in the business world as well. Business bullies bully whether it be in your workplace halls, boardrooms or online, all representative of the metaphorical monkey bars that you aren't allowed to use. The business world can be, as much as we don't want it to be true, like a group of children forming their social groups during recess.

Social Media Plan

Just like people, businesses, can be petty and passive aggressive. One of the avenues used in this adult bullying is social media. Part of what gets companies in trouble is the messages going back and forth online. Imagine one of your employees responds angrily to a client through email or on Facebook, and then that client shares the email or message with all of their friends and business partners. The Recess Duty would not appreciate your employee's hasty actions, and neither will all who see the negative messages.

Make sure to have a strong social media interaction policy for your business so that you won't become a victim of an attack on your public image.

Eliminate Opportunites Within Your Own Doors

Bullies aren't always other businesses, or an unsatisfied customer writing bad reviews. Like a bully blocking the slide, your employees need the confidence to see that the bully is blocking the slide to hide his or her fear of going down the slide themselves.

All it takes is one idea that is new and an employee who is unsure of themselves to feel the judging impact of a coworker's negative remarks. Sadly, this is not at all uncommon. One way to discourage negative feedback and encourage your employees to be bold is to promote failure.

I know, it sounds like a bad idea, but hear me out.

If you have a monthly lunch or rewards party, give an award to the most visible failure. Afterwards, do a failure case study of sorts where the whole company examines what went wrong and encourage them to try again. Create an environment where failing quickly is cool, and where learning from those mistakes immediately is the new norm on the playground. This will help institute a cultural change where bullying becomes less "in" and achieving goals together becomes the talk of the yard.

Doug Collins

Written by Doug Collins

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