Clearing Your Website Cache and Why

Posted by Duncan Laney on Apr 29, 2015 12:57:30 PM

Site Cache

Not CASH!! No one ever clears out the cash they have laying around. I'm talking about the little bits of data stored on your website or browser to help with future data requests being served up faster.

Clearing the cache, whether it's for your website or local browser, is one of the most powerful troubleshooting tools available. When you clear the website cache, it releases all the stored data that helps the page load faster. Removing the cache also forces the website to refresh and updated any content that has changed.

If you have ever posted a new blog or updated information on a page to your website and it didn't show the changes, the issue might have been the website or browser cache.

To clear your site cache, simply log into your drupal site. On the top menu bar, next to the home icon is "Clear All Cache" - click it. You're done. 

The other cache to be concerned with is your browser cache that lives on computer or whatever device you are using. Clearing this should be a regular event as you could be looking at old content from any website.

Rather than going through each browser and listing out how to clear the cache, I have linked the appropriate pages that will guide you through the process.   

What about a link to Internet Explorer? It's funny that you ask, because in my next blog, I'm going over the main reasons that you shouldn't use Internet Explorer...ever.

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Written by Duncan Laney

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