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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Dec 16, 2013 5:35:00 PM

As advertising on social media mediums like Facebook and YouTube becomes more popular, and your news feeds become more inundated with promoted posts, Twitter is following suit and joining the advertising party. Wanting to get a slice of those digital advertising dollars, Twitter isn’t wasting time in getting some of the biggest brands in the world to jump at a chance to promote their messages one of social media’s least understood platforms.

Of all of the social media platforms that exist, Twitter is the most likely to bury your content before your customers have a chance to see or engage with your tweets. This is because, unlike Facebook, Twitter serves its posts in real time rather than by way of a complex algorithm. This gives advertisers more of an incentive to promote their tweets or accounts in order to have a better chance of getting seen or recognized by potential consumers.

The different types of Twitter ads include:

  • Promoted Accounts- These types of ads will show up on the right hand side of a user’s Twitter profile under “Who to follow.” This type of ad works great when your goal is to build followers and can promote your company or brand as a whole.

  • Promoted Tweets- If you’re looking to promote a specific message, this option may be the way to go. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a specific tweet that you would like to promote; instead, Twitter promotes the most engaging Tweets that you have sent automatically.

  • Promoted Trends- Twitter also gives companies the option to get to the top of their trends list. It should be noted that this is typically reserved for large companies and major brands that have an ample digital advertising budget. This type of promotion allows companies to promote a hashtag of their choosing, in hopes that the Twitter community will engage with it.

If you’re looking to expand your digital advertising efforts, Twitter may be a good place to showcase your brand or company. Remember to set a goal for your campaign and set realistic expectations!
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