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Posted by Sarah Wai on Feb 8, 2016 5:00:00 PM


When I began blogging, I took the approach of purely factual and informative writing. Can I be honest? It was boring to write, and even more boring to read. Nobody cares to read blogs that are full of information and lack the human touch. Information is important, sure. However, it's how you present that information that determines its success.

Writing to Engage and Persuade

Think about any conference or presentation you have ever attended. The ones that left an impression weren't the ones that you nodded off at. They were the ones that engaged you and persuaded you with honesty, humor, and just that real-life human touch.

Blogging requires this approach just as much as any physical presentation. Here's how you can actively engage and persuade your audience:

Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Personality

Every writer at Tribute Media has a personality, and it is so refreshing to see their personalities come out in their writing. It makes their content real. Relatability is essential to success in blogging.

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Conversational Over Factual

As I said before, purely factual and informative writing isn't engaging. When you make your content conversational, you essentially put your readers in a position to picture themselves as part of the content. It gets them thinking about how the content applies to them. They see its real-life application.

Write Like the Real Person You Are

It's difficult for audiences to read jargon that is specific to your industry. Many times, they don't understand it, and things get lost in translation. Depending on your industry, you might need more specific jargon. Just be wary of your audience and keep in mind that they may not know what you are referring to. One thing I have found helpful is to include a definition or elaboration of the concept you are talking about. This helps your audience's level of understanding rise and puts you in a position of the "Knowledgable Informer".

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

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