Investment in SEO Services Helps Weight Loss Clinic Reach New Heights

Posted by Alicia Quilantan on Jan 30, 2023 1:13:23 PM

Transformyou Case Study (4)

TransformYou is an Arizona wellness practice that helps its clients effectively change the way they look and feel through medical weight loss, hormone replacement, and more. Transformyou serves patients in person in the Phoenix, Arizona area and with telehealth across the country. 

TransformYou has worked with Tribute Media for several years, and after an SEO cleanup helped accelerate their organic growth, the company saw the value in maintaining inbound marketing services to continue to grow their practice.


After seeing the initial growth in traffic from the start of our on-going services with TransformYou, we wanted to be sure we kept up the momentum. Search engine optimization is not a one-and-done marketing strategy, and that's especially true in competitive and rapidly growing industries.

Transformyou needs to continue to attract new clients as their existing clients meet their health and weight loss goals, and as new competitors enter the market they must keep their website relevant and informative. 


TransformYou has a significant amount of content on their website. 

  • We keep that content fresh and up-to-date
  • Ensure website pages are easy to navigate
  • Understand and look for opportunities to increase conversions. 

Our engagement with TransformYou includes:

  • Monitoring and analyzing user behavior and trends, and using data to optimize blogs and pages to convert visitors
  • Search engine optimization and content marketing work done on a monthly basis
  • Posting on social media platforms to reach even more current and future clients


Since 2020, their organic traffic has continued to grow! Here's a look at this client's year-over-year website traffic and new leads in 2022 compared to 2020:

  • 214% increase in total users to the website
  • 215% increase in traffic from organic search
  • 287 new leads


The website continues to be a lead-generating asset for their business. By optimizing and improving their page content and website performance, they are reaching their target audience and continuing to convert.


With our ongoing efforts, this Arizona clinic will continue to grow its patient count year-over-year.


How Can Tribute Media Help Your Company Grow?

With our proven method to search engine optimization, content optimization, content strategy, and creation, we can help healthcare organizations like yours increase their web presence and transform their website into lead-generation machines for years to come.

Alicia Quilantan

Written by Alicia Quilantan

Alicia is the Search Engine Optimization specialist at Tribute Media. When she is not completing a new certification or reading blogs about SEO and PPC. She is spending time with her dog, traveling the US, and studying French.