Don't Use Internet Explorer... Ever

Posted by Duncan Laney on May 6, 2015 11:05:40 AM

Dont Use IE

In my last blog I mentioned that you should not use Internet Explorer....ever.  As far as browsers go, there are worse options than IE, but no one uses those. Internet Explorer doesn't have as many extension or add-ons as other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Also, Internet Explorer (IE) does not receive updates as frequently. Meaning, if you have a sweet new feature or moving graphics on your website, even if your IE is totally up to date, the new feature/moving image may not display or work correctly.  

If you must use Internet Explorer, please, please, please use the most current version! Microsoft will only support browsers from the last five years, and at the beginning of next year (2016), they will only support the most current version (IE 10 and 11).

So what does that mean for you? If you are desperately holding onto IE 9 or earlier, you going to miss out on some of the best new features websites have to offer. Even worse, there will be no more security updates from Microsoft. You'll be at risk of viruses and hackers.

On a side note, it has been reported that with the release of Windows 10, Internet Explorer will no longer be offered in the new operating system. Microsoft's new browser is thought to be named Spartan. Only time will tell if Spartan will have the same flexibility as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

It's worth saying...if Microsoft is abandoning Internet Explorer, shouldn't you?


Duncan Laney

Written by Duncan Laney

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