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Posted by Sarah Wai on Mar 3, 2018 11:48:00 AM

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The age of the Internet has taken the world by storm, which has changed the way consumers act and how they buy. With this change has come a new type of consumer that is more educated and able to do most of their research before they even contact a business to make a decision. It has also brought about a consumer that spends a lot of time online, whether it is for personal or professional reasons. This gives marketers new opportunities to interact with their customers and reach out to different audiences.

Digital Advertising and Traditional Marketing

This is where digital advertising comes in. The world of digital advertising, though unexplored by some businesses, is incredibly valuable and necessary to stay competitive. Even though it is a new medium of advertising for some, we're not re-inventing the wheel. Companies can add a digital form of advertising to existing or upcoming campaigns that have always relied on traditional mediums. Tying your offline and online strategies together sets your company up for success in its next advertising campaign.

Different Forms of Digital Advertising to Consider

Google Ads

The all-knowing and all-seeing advertising platform offered by Google is able to handle a variety of different campaigns that fit your business needs. Advertisers can use Ads to place media on Google’s search engine, or on specific websites within the Google Display Network. A very effective tool in targeting specific audiences, this platform should be in the front pocket of every digital advertiser.

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Social Media Advertising

With immense targeting capabilities through both demographics and psychographics, social media platforms such as Facebook have proven to be a valuable asset when launching marketing campaigns. Facebook advertising, in particular, allows you the opportunity to reach users through demographics, behaviors, and contact information. Facebook advertising even integrates with Instagram, giving you visibility on two of the top social platforms.

Is your online advertising up to par and working to your benefit?

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