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Posted by Wally Narwhal on May 20, 2014 7:42:00 PM

Business Bios on Social Media

We use social media almost every day. Heck, you may be on a social site right now. Social media is defined as an interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities. These social sites are especially important for businesses to keep up to date with changing business trends, connect with other businesses and communicate with customers.

There are countless tips on social etiquette for businesses interacting on social media sites but take a look at your page bio; is it professional? Writing a professional bio for your business pages does take some effort to be efficient. Follow these simple tips to make the most out of your business page bios:

  1. Be as Human as Possible.
    Let your true color show and write for the reader, not for your resume. People want to do business with you, not just your achievements. Mention things that make you different. What unique traits does your business bring to the table? This is where you can show off your creative writing skill.
  2. Use Keywords Your Customers Are Looking For.
    Whenever possible and appropriate you should use your targeted keywords. Social media sites are a great way for businesses and professionals to make new connections and broaden their networking circle. When your professional bio is geared toward search engines with keywords your social media page has a better chance of showing up for search results using the same keywords.
  3. Stop Using “Buzzwords”.
    Yes it is best to be personable on your bio but it’s not professional to use buzzwords such as “ninja”, “guru”, or “wizard”. These words can be easily misunderstood and can give off the vibe of being incompetent. Buzzwords are constantly changing; keeping your bio clear of these words keeps your bio up to date. It’s hard to take “I’m a groovy accountant that knows what’s rad” seriously.
  4. Use A Thesaurus.
    Fresh language is your best friend for writing a professional bio. It’s hard to find the perfect word that portrays the exact message you want to send and that’s what the thesaurus is made for. Explain what makes you unique and how you can solve multiple problems. Hashtags are a thing of the past and not very professional.
  5. Get Creative.
    Social media bios are not very long so it’s best to get creative to say what you need to in the spot allowed. This is another place your thesaurus will come in handy. Adding a quote that helps express your work ethic is ok but remember that bios are meant to be a short summery of your business and experience.
  6. Update Regularly.
    As your business grows and expands you will want to share that with your audience. Did you just open a new branch? Launching a new website? Do you support a community event? Share it! Feel free to brag a little about your business. Remember that not only are your current and possibly future clients reading this but your competition can be looking at it as well.
  7. Add Appropriate Pictures.
    Nothing on the internet is private, and that goes double for social media. Upload professional photos of your organization and staff. Uploading pictures adds a personal touch that lets viewers know you are real, not just a business. It’s tempting to share pictures of the funny thing your cute dog did last week but it’s always best to keep your business page professional.
  8. Stay Consistent.
    This makes it easy for customers to recognize you across multiple platforms. Using the same logo or profile picture helps viewers recognize your company in a sea of distractions. Linking your social media pages together is another great way to connect with viewers across multiple sites.

Social media is a great tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. With the expansion of social media you can expand your networks and reach customers in different areas faster then ever before. Take some time to write or audit your social media professional bios with these tips in mind.

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