What it Takes to Have the Perfect Marketing Team

Posted by Hannah Lacy on Jan 6, 2015 11:31:00 AM

Web Marketing Team

The average person browsing the Internet sees links, content, and graphics. A digital marketing team sees people. Individuals who have put in the time and energy to make sure everything flows nicely, the content is of high quality, links work, and every search engine has been used to its fullest. In digital marketing, your team is crucial to your success. In order to build a successful team, several positions need to be filled.

These positions are:

  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Web Developer/Graphic Designer
  • Front-End Coder
  • Creative Director

SEO Specialist

This individual can answer every question you could ask about SEO. Working very closely with other team members, the SEO Specialist can work with the Content Manager to help optimize content, and also the Front-End Coder, who may know how best to execute the plan.

Content Manager

Creativity is a must for this team member. The Content Manager will need to be able to manage the composing of imaginative, quality content that engages readers, and also the renewal of old ideas and old content. The Content Manager will often pair up with the Creative Director in order to brainstorm new concepts for a fresh take on a given website.

Social Media Expert

Not everyone is social media savvy, and in the digital marketing world, social media cannot be ignored. Relevant content is not the only important issue here; it is also the number of followers and user engagement. Having a large amount of followers or “likes” has a way of legitimizing a business to viewers.

Web Developer/Graphic Designer

A website’s functionality along with its visual appeal is crucial in a day when no one has the patience for anything less. Whether you choose to break these positions into two parts or give the responsibilities to one individual, this cannot be overlooked. In the case of hiring someone new, pay special attention to the potential employee’s portfolio.

Front-End Coder

This team member’s job, although tedious and challenging, is absolutely required. This job contains building landing pages, making HTML for emailing campaigns and applying that JavaScript in web analytics.

Creative Director

Effective and flexible leadership is the glue that binds together a marketing team. Communication, knowledge, organization and team building skills are necessary on a daily basis. As everyone works in their own world of expertise, the Creative Director oversees everyone’s work and helps them in collaboration.

Tribute Media enjoys the benefits of a well-rounded team with varied expertise, along with quality leaders to guide us in the right direction. With knowledge, organization and collaboration, we are able to offer our clients high-quality digital marketing.

Hannah Lacy

Written by Hannah Lacy

Originally from Payette, Hannah started working for Tribute Media in late 2014. Previously, she helped manage two Christian nonprofits aiding individuals in poverty. Hannah is proud to be part of the Tribute team: "I enjoy the atmosphere and the attitude that every day should be about learning. There is a wonderful focus on education and improvement to benefit both our employees and our clients." She loves Boise because of the friendly people and the opportunities to explore nature. A big Charles Dickens fan, her favorite novel is A Tale of Two Cities. Biggest guilty pleasure: "Donuts. I never pass up a donut of any kind. Except the ones with custard or cherry filling-that's just a waste of a donut."

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