Utilizing Instagram Video for Your Small Business

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Jul 30, 2013 11:33:00 AM


Social media continues to grow every day, with new features and networks popping up all the time. Then there are the big social media networks like Facebook that purchase other platforms; like Instagram. Recently, Facebook announced that Instragram would now have a video feature that allows users to capture a video clip. This release comes after the huge hit Twitter had with their application, Vine. However, instead of a 6 second video with Vine, you can capture of to 15 seconds of video with the new Instagram feature. The best part is you don’t need to be a professional video editor to use this feature. With this new feature, you can easily showcase your small business. Here are a few examples to help you get started:

  • Highlight specific events – having 15 seconds to capture your audience is more than enough time, so promote your next event by adding a personal message and highlighting specific things about the event. Then in the description field below the video use hashtags to track the conversation as well as reinforce the video message.
  • Give a tour – do you have a great team of coworkers? Do you love your office atmosphere? Show them off with Instagram video. With the video feature you can capture the personalities of your colleagues as well as the energy in your office.
  • Host a contest –Put on a contest and encourage your followers to use a specific hashtag that will help you draw more followers and attention to your business that will engage potential clients.

Still confused on what to do exactly with Instagram videos, fortunately Instagram has got you covered. There is a home page on Instagram where you can view other businesses and users who have posted videos of their own, from here you can get even more ideas. Your company has a lot to offer so capitalize on those assets! Once you have figured out Instagram video you can easily share the video on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare, Flickr and Email.

So get started today with Instagram’s fun new feature and watch the amount of followers for your company quickly grow!


Wally Narwhal

Written by Wally Narwhal

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