5 Compelling Reasons to Outsource Web Marketing

Posted by Corey Smith on Sep 3, 2019 3:27:00 PM

Hire an Outside Marketing Agency

Making the decision to outsource your business’s marketing efforts can be very difficult. Handing off the reins to an outside company can be scary, especially for small businesses that don’t have the resources to put a ton of money into their marketing efforts. We can’t all afford to run campaigns like Coca-Cola, Sony or Starbucks. However, there are many things to be learned from these big brands.

5 Reasons to Outsource

Marketing professionals who keep up with the latest trends and successful campaigns are able to garner a significant amount of data that helps them to better market their own clients. While all of it doesn’t translate to smaller projects, there are components of these world-class marketing campaigns that can be implemented to campaigns of any size. There are many benefits to outsourcing your marketing to a skilled marketing agency. 

You have an entire team at your disposal

One of the most significant benefits of going with an agency as opposed to in-house solution is the team that you will have at your disposal. Hiring a talented, well-rounded, in-house marketer has its benefits, but you will be spending $50,000+, which is a conservative estimate. For that price, or oftentimes much less per year, you can have a team of experienced marketers at your disposal.

Having experience in one niche is great and can give great insights into how a campaign can be maximized for effectiveness. Working across multiple industries gives marketers viewpoints that simply cannot be achieved when working in only one niche for a long period of time. This diversity in experience is the key to that knockout marketing campaign that is creative, unique and will get you the results you are looking for and beyond.

Advanced tools at your disposal

Great marketing on the web usually relies on a number of tools, many of which can be utilized in at least some capacity for free, for the implementation and analysis of a campaign. While the tools may not always have a monetary cost with them, becoming an expert of these tools takes time. Marketing experts are continually discovering new tools and integrating them into a rigorous training schedule to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns. From email platforms like Mailchimp to social media tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite, there is always another tool to learn and implement into your campaign planning.

More affordable than in-house solutions

Not only in regards to talent, but also in terms of costly tools and beyond, choosing a marketing agency is almost always the most cost-effective option. Many of the tools at the disposal of a team will be figured into the normal cost of your marketing retainer. This gives your campaigns all of the benefits of these advanced tools without the need to not only purchase them, but also spend the many hours it takes to master the toolset.

Creative environments breed successful campaigns

Nothing is more of a hindrance on the success of a marketing campaign than getting stuck in a rut. Brainstorming sessions at marketing agencies allow for the entire team to step outside of a situation and think outside of the box. The most creative marketing campaigns stem from teamwork and taking the necessary steps to think in abstract terms. Complacency is the enemy of progress and creativity, and just because something has worked in the past does not mean it will work again or that there isn’t a better, more creative way of doing things.

These are just a handful of reasons to choose an outsourced marketing solution. You must be very careful when choosing your marketing company, as there are many out there that don’t have the processes in place to maximize your investment. You want to make sure that you choose a company with a proven track record, a team of experts and one that is up front with you about everything.

Be Aware of Red Flags

The biggest red flag in marketing, especially in regards to the web, is guarantees of very specific results right off the bat. It is difficult to guarantee anything on the web, especially in regards to search engine placement and social engagement.

Another red flag is businesses that haven’t been around for more than a couple of years, or continue to operate under different names every few years. This is a red flag in many industries;,in the world of marketing, however, it usually means that the business has had issues in the past with fulfillment or has gotten flagged for going against guidelines of Google, Facebook or other online entities.

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