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Posted by Sarah Wai on Sep 23, 2015 10:36:00 AM


There is nothing quite like following a social media link from a company’s homepage to find that the last post or update that the company made was back during Facebook’s inception. The world of social media has many a company that have established a Facebook or Twitter presence in the past and have let the sands of time get the best of them. If you have a social media presence in any form, you need to be doing it correctly!

There are many things that an inactive Facebook or Twitter page symbolize, and none of them produce a good image for your company. Imagine a potential client or customer visits your Facebook page with a desire to learn more about you and your upcoming events and finds that you haven't updated anything in months. Their interest in you is going to drop, and they will most likely begin their search for a different company. Letting your social media presence drop shows a lack of commitment, follow through, and just plain laziness.

Posting Is Easier Than You Think

Status updates rarely take longer than a couple of minutes and can have a lasting effect on your online audience.

Here are some ideas for status updates or tweets that can be posted in no time and that could engage your audience:

  • Ask a question
  • Mention upcoming events and what your company is doing in the community
  • Talk about new products or services that your company is offering
  • Post about local events in the community that everyone can enjoy (e.g. sports games, concerts, etc.)
  • Post pictures of company events or fun things happening around the office

Whatever you post, make sure that it is how you want to be known and remembered. Don't post just to post. And don’t let your online brand suffer from an inactive social media presence. Make yourself known!

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Content and Email Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. B.S. in Media Communications. Certified in Hubspot, Inbound Marketing, Contextual Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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