4 Tools To Enhance Your SEO In 2023

Posted by Alicia Quilantan on Nov 30, 2022 8:15:00 AM

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There are a ton of search engine optimization (SEO) tools out there. It can be a little overwhelming. This year, as an SEO specialist, I have tried a bunch of tools so you didn't have to! I decided these 4 are my go-tos and worth trying out. 

1. Glimpse

Glimpse has a lot to offer regarding trending topics. For starters, they have a collection of trending topics to view either by growth or search volume across many industries. It allows you to see what the topic is, how fast the topic is growing, what channels the topic is most popular on, top searches related to the topic, top questions related to the topic, and other related topics. This helps me with providing ideas for new content and finding new keywords to focus on.

Here you can see the marketing trends based on growth:
glimpse marketing trends 2022

These insights are incredibly helpful because you are not entirely reliant on Google for keyword and topic research. Glimpse pulls its data from Google, Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, and Amazon by analyzing consumer behaviors. The idea behind it is that you will find these hidden topic gems. 

Glimpse also has a Google extension for Google Trends. Basically, it supercharges your Google trends query and I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular google trends search again. (The free version gives you 10 searches a month.) 

Here are some examples of what the glimpse extension has to offer for a search on Search Engine Optimization:

Overall Monthly Search Volume: Their trajectory removes seasonal variations and irregular spikes so you can truly see how a topic is trending

Glimpse seo trend line 2022

People Also Search Section:

Glimpse People Also Search For data 2022

Topic Map Section:

Glimpse Topic map for seo

2. Keyword surfer

Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension that works its magic during each google search you make. The sidebar suggestions help find new keywords related to the search and review overlapping content between keywords. 

Here’s an example of keyword ideas, the content overlap percentage, and search volume.  keyword surfer keyword ideas for seo

It shows you the search volume and the cost per click (cpc) for google ads. 

keyword surfer example of search volume and cpc

It even goes as far as letting you know how competitor links are doing. It shows you the amount of monthly traffic, the number of words on the page, how many times the search term you used is on the page, and if the page title has changed recently.

 keyword surfer example of competitor research

3. Detailed

Detailed is another chrome extension. It allows you to see a quick view of all the elements on a page and if they meet seo standards. This is particularly helpful for those who may have forgotten something on their site—like a description—or are doing competitor research. 

detailed chrome extension summary details

4. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is cool because it shows you what people are searching for in questions, comparisons, and so forth. It works best when you use 1-2 words (so no long-tail keywords). I am a fan of the visuals as well. I like this one because it's an easy way to see “people also searched” questions all in one place. It makes targeting and understanding an ideal customer a lot easier. 

Answer the public visual diagram for digital marketing


There are a lot of SEO tools out there, both free and paid, but if you want to do some keyword research and competitor research, these are some of my favorites. If you find SEO tasks overwhelming or you are not yielding the results you want, Tribute Media can help you

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Alicia Quilantan

Written by Alicia Quilantan

Alicia is the Search Engine Optimization specialist at Tribute Media. When she is not completing a new certification or reading blogs about SEO and PPC. She is spending time with her dog, traveling the US, and studying French.