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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Jan 23, 2015 11:31:00 AM

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The technological age has really pushed products to the limit when it comes to their life cycle. With new products and software replacing older versions faster than they can even be marketed, the speed of technology is still increasing at an exponential rate. It can sometimes very difficult to stay on top of these trends as a consumer, let a lone a business operating in the industry.

What is true for new products and services is also true for design on the web. The scary truth is that your website can be dated in terms of design within its first year—two if you’re lucky. What’s a business supposed to do to keep up with design trends? You certainly can’t be expected to rebuild your website every single year.

This is where a website refresh to your home page can really come in handy. Without building a new site, you are essentially giving your website a minor facelift ever so often to keep up with design trends and let customers know about new product offerings. If your business is seasonal or is planning on expanding its product line, it only makes sense to showcase these things on your homepage.

Don’t think of your homepage as static. Remember that changes can be made after the website is made and new elements can be added. One of the easiest ways to keep your homepage fresh is to add new slides to your homepage presentation. This gives returning visitors something new to peruse and gives your website a much needed update from time to time.

A homepage refresh isn’t meant to be a complete overhaul of your website. It is meant to add a new element to your page little by little, so that the design may change within a year. A good way of going about this is to add a new slide or element every quarter. In this way, returning visitors will not be confused and new visitors will be made aware of your current product offerings. 

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