Reaching Millennials Through Media

Posted by Sarah Wai on Nov 30, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Millennials and Media

We are constantly hearing that the best way to reach Millennials is through media. While this is true, there isn't a cookie-cutter mold to go by to reach them. Many companies assume that simply showing up on social media platforms and popular apps is enough. This is just not the case. There is strategy involved, and this requires knowing how Millennials tick.

Are Millennials Really Worth Targeting?

According to Statista:

  • Millennials will number 78 million by 2030.
  • Boomers will likely be roughly 56 million.

This number holds a lot of consumer power. If you aren't targeting Millennials, now is the time. Technology is not foreign to Millennials. According to Statista, in 2014:

  • 90% were using smartphones
  • 93% accessed the internet on a regular basis
  • 53% were tablet owners

If you don't have a digital, mobile, or online presence, you should start considering the move. Google has caught onto this movement and has determined that websites that are not mobile-friendly will be less likely to show up in their searches. This is bad news for those who have not yet switched to mobile-friendly.

Take a mobile-friendly test for your website from Google here

Knowing the Preferences of Millennials

If you are going to target Millennials, you need to know their preferences. There are many different ideas and statistics that have been thrown around, but there are a few overarching preferences that stay true:

  1. They are technologically savvy. You won't likely see them on a desktop computer unless they have no other option. They will always choose mobile over desktop. Further still, they will likely always have their mobile device on them giving them updates via notifications, or they will constantly be checking to see what they are missing. F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) is a real thing for Millennials.
  2. They like their privacy. Some Millennials have opted out of using Facebook (You know, that platform you believed they could never give up). After the implementation of their 2015 Privacy Policy, Facebook started seeing Millennials drop like flies. Why would they stick around when they could use other platforms that didn't encroach on their privacy?
  3. They are not all the same. The Millennials are comprised of multiple groups of people that come from all sorts of backgrounds. The differences in these groups greatly determine their social platform preferences. Once you decide who your target audience within the Millennials is, make sure you find where they hang out. Then create a strategy to reach them where they are.

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