Poole Family Farms: Lead Generation and Customer Retention

Posted by Sarah Wai on Jan 16, 2019 10:08:53 AM

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Poole Family Farms is a small, four-generation family farm, joyfully bringing locally grown produce to communities in the Pacific Northwest. They provide high-quality produce, direct from the farm, at bulk rate pricing.

The Poole family offers an opportunity for “You-Pick Cherries” right from the Poole Family Farm property in Hood River, Oregon, as well as deliveries of a variety of fresh produce from their farm and from other Oregon family farms, to Portland, Newport, Corvallis, and beyond (12+ locations).


When they first met with Tribute Media, Poole Family Farms was relying solely on their company Facebook page (an inaccurate representation of their brand) and Mailchimp to generate and nurture leads. Without a website, CRM, or marketing automation software such as HubSpot, they were finding that it was difficult for customers and leads to find, interact, and engage with them. They were aware that many leads and customers were falling through the cracks, and they asked Tribute Media to help remedy that. 

Poole Family Farms tasked Tribute Media with...

1) Building a website that represented the company's brand and culture to function as a central hub for leads and customers

2) Tracking every customer and lead 

3) Create a strategy for lead generation and customer retention

4) Develop a streamlined processes for lead nurturing and customer interactions


With Poole Family Farms' goals in mind, Tribute Media:

1) Created a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website that represents their company branding and culture, and functions as a central hub for all customers and leads.

Poole Family Farms Website

2) Conducting training and onboarding for both HubSpot CRM and Marketing Software. this enabled them to track interactions with customers and leads, as well as track purchases and interests, therefore moving the Pooles away from their previous processes that relied on tediously updating physical spreadsheets.

3) Established new customer program campaigns that encouraged an increase in referrals, first-time buyers, and returning customers.

4) Created marketing collateral that Poole Family Farms could use to nurture their leads and encourage positive customer interactions and engagement. 


With Poole Family Farms' website launch and marketing efforts starting in May 2018, they saw these results through their active fruit season (May through September):

  • 8,000+ sessions to their website (70% of these were mobile)
  • 4oo+ new contacts
  • 250+ new customers (their goal for the season was 100)
  • They began the season with 745 past contacts pulled from their spreadsheets, and ended with:
    • Over 1,150 contacts in their CRM
    • 950 of the 1,150 contacts were classified as customers by the end of the season
  • The highest contact-to-customer rate landed at 62% and was from Organic Search


Poole Family Farms' website continues to convert visitors into contacts even in their inactive season, therefore growing their lead base heading into their upcoming season. 

Going into this process, the Pooles wanted to be able to breathe, spend more time with their family, and focus on building other aspects of their business, and not have to worry about the marketing side of things. We were able to provide all of those things and position them for years of marketing and sales success.

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Former Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Master in Business Administration.