“My Brain Can’t Brain”- Improving Your Productivity

Posted by Sarah Wai on Dec 5, 2015 5:00:00 PM

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As a recent college graduate, I’ve found that one of the only downsides to “real life” is sitting in a chair all day. I found when I first started my job that when 2 o’clock rolled around, I’d realize “my brain can’t brain” anymore. I quickly realized that I couldn’t keep things as they were; otherwise, I would underutilize precious time by allowing myself to lose brain power. To combat this, I came up with a few ways to upset routine and allow the creative juices to keep flowing.

Being Proactive About Productivity

To encourage productivity, you have to take a proactive approach to your daily activities and work atmosphere.

  1. Reorganize your desk every couple of weeks. I’ve found that when I do this I have a “mental refresh.” I thrive on constant change, so when I am constantly changing up my desk space I find I am more productive.

  2. Eliminate potential distractions. I am easily distracted by people talking or background music playing in the office. I’ve found that the best way to eliminate these distractions is to plug in headphones with my own music that I know won’t distract me from my work. I’ve also found that when I have a project to get done that I can’t be distracted from that it helps to block time on my shared office calendar so that coworkers know not to disturb me and wait until later.

  3. Keep moving. Get up and take walks throughout the day. If you can’t do that, change things up by getting an exercise ball to sit on while you work rather than a chair. This helps your blood flow, encourages that wretched office job belly pooch to disappear, and activates parts of your brain that help you focus.

  4. Create a lively atmosphere. Put a plant on your desk, buy a sun lamp, etc. This is especially necessary during the winter months or if you don’t have a window near your desk. Bring life to your desk and office space so that you don’t feel stagnant and discouraged by the lifelessness.

  5. Get creative with your desk decor. I have always had an obsession with memes and inspirational quotes. Proof I am definitely a Millennial. My desk is currently accruing a collection of printouts reminding me to refocus in various ways. My current favorite: “You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t a jar of Nutella”. For me, this fits. For you, maybe not. Find what works for you and inspires you to relax, be more productive, or maybe just puts a little smile on your face during the day.

These are a just a few of the tricks I’ve found work to improve my productivity. What are some of yours?

Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Former Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Master in Business Administration.

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