The Mind Behind Social Media

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Jan 20, 2014 3:40:00 PM

Social Media Brain

Gestalt was a German philosopher who believed that human behavior couldn’t be fully understood just by looking at parts of their behavior. He believed you must look at the whole picture. This principle applies to social media marketing through these laws:


Our brain loves simplicity. Simple patterns, simple order, simple ideas. Simple is often more effective in marketing efforts. Logos like the Nike swoosh or the Olympic circles are easy for our brain to absorb and store.


Humans respond to things that visually align. When you are creating a social media post or campaign, take the time to align elements linearly for a larger impact on your viewers.


Items that are similar are perceived as a group in our minds. This law can be used to help create groups in marketing materials.

Science, Have you met my friend Social Media?

Now that we know the psychology behind sharing we can implement change to our social media platforms to create sharable campaigns. The more people share the more others will see your brand.

Draw Them In

Take the time to understand your target consumer. What do they like? What appeals to them? You need look deeper than demographics. They are more likely to share your content if you tap into their personalities.

Build It Up

Your audience is way more likely to share your content and interact with you if they trust you. Spend some time building up a trust bank. Don’t be too pushy. You are a person that represents a company. You want to interact with them and get to know them. If you are posting nothing but annoying advertisements they will unlike your page and never come back. If they trust you, they will share.

Social media is about psychology. Understanding how your viewer’s minds work is crucial for increasing your engagement. You can draw them in and build up your trust bank by sharing, liking, commenting, and gently recommending your product or service.

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