Is it Time to Consult a Web Marketing Expert?

Posted by Sarah Wai on Nov 3, 2016 4:04:52 PM


Within the complex and uncertain business climate we all work in, the biggest challenges often rest on the shoulders of C-level officers and managers. They are left to deal with significant issues that affect their company such as globalization, demographic changes, corporate social responsibility, and the impacts of innovation and digitization.

That's some heavy stuff.

If you are one of these individuals faced with such high-level issues, the last thing you want to add to your plate is the task of strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns. Maybe you've been tasked with finding a marketing solution for your company; you've done your research, and the deeper you go, the more certain you are that there is more to marketing--especially on the web--than you want to deal with and you need professional help to move forward.

Seeking Solutions

There are three key problems you are likely dealing with:

  1. Not enough time: With the myriad of responsibilities on your plate, despite your desire to get the ball rolling, you just can't find the time or muster the necessary energy to get your web marketing working for you. You know you need it, but when could you possibly find the time?
  2. Marketing is not your cup of tea: Maybe you've dabbled in marketing, or you have a basic understanding of what it entails, but it's not your forte. And one thing is for sure: you could never get it started on your own. You wouldn't even know where to begin.
  3. You don't have a marketing department or your current marketing department only specializes in a few things: The key to success in marketing is having a well-rounded team that can support all your sales needs. Without a supportive marketing team, your sales team has to rely on traditional marketing tactics (which aren't very effective compared to Inbound marketing).

Does any of this sound familiar?

Get Started with a Free Web Marketing Checkup

Ready to take the next step in evaluating your marketing? Need some guidance on how to improve your web presence?

We can help point you in the right direction and get you started on the right path.

Forget doing more research. You don't have time for that anyway. You've created a sustainable business, and we want to help you improve upon what you have. At one point in time, maybe you felt you had a handle on things, but now it all seems daunting and overwhelming.

Sit down with a real person and talk directly with them about your current website and web marketing practices.

Neil Patel constantly says, “You need to walk before you run.” We aren’t one of those marketing agencies that will say we can make all your wildest dreams come true overnight. That’s just not realistic. But we will sit down with you and help you come up with goals and a plan (which may change over time depending on outcomes) to move toward those wildest dreams.

Evaluating your web marketing, strategizing, implementing, and improving, is a process. We aren’t the kind of agency that’s going to give you a sloppy joe when we promised you a steak. We’re going to give you fine steak, and it’s going to take time. It all starts with a web marketing checkup (which we do for FREE!).

Are you ready to take the first step?

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Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Former Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Master in Business Administration.