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Posted by Sarah Wai on Dec 17, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Facebook Pages Manager

Recently, we have heard many concerns about Facebook's new response time indicator on business pages. This is a big deal when you pride yourself on being responsive. There is no reason for alarm. There is a simple solution that doesn't require you to be on Facebook 24/7.

Say Hello to Facebook Pages Manager

Apple products now support an app called Facebook Pages Manager, which provides a way for you to connect with your audience and monitor activity on multiple business Facebook pages. Guys, this app is a lifesaver for those of us that don't have all day to be monitoring Facebook. Here are some perks (as explained from the perspective of an avid iPhone user).

Intuitive Navigation

Laid out similarly to your mobile view of your Facebook page, the Pages Manager has everything you need to access right at your fingertips without the extra features that are typically seen via the Facebook mobile app (recent image uploads, videos, or the "About" section). There is also a handy menu that opens up to reveal all pages that you manage as well as "Help & Settings".

Simplified Insights

You know those charts that were difficult for many of us to decipher before? Those are now replaced by easy-to-understand demographics, reach, page likes, actions on page, and video performance. This gives you more insight than ever and helps you better understand your audience and strategize accordingly.

Updated Inbox Settings

You now have the option of turning on "Instant Reply". By enabling this feature, you can create a unique reply to your audience when they message you that ensures them that you received their message and will reply at your earliest convenience. This is also the case with the new "Away Message", although I do not recommend turning this on unless you are on vacation and don't want the  Facebook Pages Manager to disturb you. In most cases, the "Instant Reply" will suffice.

Ensure You Don't Miss a Thing

A special thing to note with the Facebook Pages Manager: Make sure to enable Push Notifications, Tips, and Reminders. Without these enabled, you will not receive the information you need as fast as you would like. This can be found in App Settings in the side menu. You will also need to enable similar settings in your actual phone settings for this all to work correctly.

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