Idaho Startup Weekend Coming Up

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Sep 13, 2012 11:56:00 AM

Start Up Weekend

BOISE, Idaho – The fifth installment of Idaho Startup Weekend will take place October 26th through October 28th at Hotel 43 in downtown Boise. First created in 2007, Startup Weekend is an international event that provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to test their startup business ideas. With the tagline, “No Talk, All Action,” Idaho Startup Weekend will give aspiring innovators an opportunity to commercialize their ideas in just one fast-paced and exhilarating weekend. 

In the short 54 hour time frame, participants pitch their ideas, form teams, and build a viable product. Startup Weekend likens the event to “an MBA in a weekend” because it helps professionals learn through the act of creating. Idaho Startup Weekends attract the best and brightest in the Boise community, therefore the event helps participants build long-lasting relationships with influential people. According to internal statistics from the organization, Startup Weekend held 260 events in 67 countries and startups incubated at its events received at least $30 million in outside funding last year alone.

The registration costs are tiered based on the number of participants. Registration for the first 20 participants is $20, participants 21-30 pay $30 and for participants 31 and beyond the cost is $40. Participants receive a prize pack for attending and winning teams receive prizes. Additionally, lunch and dinner will be provided to all participants for free.

Interested participants can register using the promo code 'idahostartup' to receive $5 off their ticket cost.

To register, visit

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