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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Dec 9, 2013 5:03:00 PM

Start on YouTube
Is your company cool enough to be on YouTube? Yes you are! Making videos is a means of communicating with customers and marketing your wares. It is increasingly a means of promoting yourself more visibly via search engines. Here are easy tips on how to get started on YouTube as a business!

Create a Profile
  • Set up an account for your business. Complete your profile with as much content about your business as possible.
  • Decide what kind of videos you want to have on your channel.
  • Consumers are interested in the inner workings of your business. They want to know you, your company culture, and the inner workings of your office.

Who’s Watching
  • YouTube provides Analytics on any video. You’ll see when the video has been viewed; where the traffic came from; and the age, gender, and location of the audience.
  • Use this data for your videos to confirm whether you are reaching the audience you intended, and to help your next production.

Write it Down
  • Decide what the theme of your video is going to be.
  • It’s a bad idea to take a camera and just start shooting. The best viral videos are tightly scripted productions and are agonized over until they were perfect.
  • Audiences have a brief attention span for videos. Keep yours under 90 seconds long if possible.

Shooting your Video
  • Shoot in high definition and in widescreen if you can.
  • Check out your lighting. Take test shots to get a sense of how the video will look after it's made.
  • Make sure you shoot in quiet locations, and avoid shooting outdoors on windy days.
  • Shoot with a tripod. Don’t move the camera if it isn’t necessary. 

  • Edit fast and heavy: Get your video down to the shortest possible length, and cut out every last frame that doesn’t have to be in the finished product.

Polishing Your Video
  • Upload your video to your channel. 

  • Tag each video with related topic keywords. 

  • If you’re making video an ongoing project, invite viewers to subscribe to your Channel. They will get your new videos sent directly to their home page.

Get it Out There
  • Use your other social networking platforms to get the word out.
  • You’ll want to embed videos directly on your own website as well.

You’re ready to create your fantastic YouTube business channel! We hope you found our tips helpful.

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