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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Dec 23, 2013 5:47:00 PM

A picture really is worth a thousand words! Instagram isn’t just for teens anymore. It is becoming a must have for businesses. Setting up your Instagram account is a crucial part of building your web presence. It’s a platform that can be integrated into all of your other platforms.These guidelines should help you get started.

Register and set up
  • Download the app on your smart phone, ipad, or tablet.
  • Create a short username that relates to your brand. It is a good idea to make your username your company name with out spaces so your clients don’t get confused.
  • Complete profile and select a profile photo. The photo should be your logo in most cases.

Show off your stuff
  • Promote mobile window-shopping by using Instagram to show off your products.
  • Snap photos of new products to build a buzz. Every time your business creates something new share it!
  • Engage your followers by inviting user-generated content. Challenge them to post photos showing off creative uses of your products.
  • Make sure they include your #hashtag.

Introduce your culture
  • Introduce your followers to the environment in your office. Followers love to get to know you on a personal level. Take them inside your day, events, and workshops.
  • Cast a spotlight on special employees. Use the caption to share a bit about the employee. 
Make spotlighting an ongoing campaign that features staff from different departments within your company to put faces with your brand.
Expand your reach
  • When you post a photo there is an option to connect it to your other social media networks. Tap the logos and connect to your network.
  • Now your instagram feed will post on your other networks. This will send people to your instagram page and encourage your followers with instagram to follow you.
  • Make sure when you post you use relevant #hashtags to make it easier for people to find your account.

Engage with your followers
  • Post questions in captions.
  • Comment back in a timely manner. 

  • If they post a photo of your stuff, repost it on the company page to show your appreciation.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
We hope you found our guide helpful! Good luck and start posting!

Wally Narwhal

Written by Wally Narwhal

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