Effectively Moving Heart Hugger Clients Through the Buyers Journey

Posted by Sarah Wai on Jan 14, 2020 3:05:00 PM

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At Tribute Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to meet the web development and web marketing needs of B2B and B2C companies. General Cardiac Technology is one such company, and we want to tell you their story and the successes they have seen during their time as a client of Tribute Media.

Heart Hugger™ was invented in the 80s after the founder of General Cardiac Technology, Glenn Williams, underwent cardiovascular bypass surgery. Post-surgery, Williams was shown pain management techniques using a pillow to splint sternotomy. But William discovered the pillow offered limited comfort and didn’t support him when he attempted to move or walk. He began to consider a new solution and eventually the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness was created.

Today, Heart Hugger is a vital part of the recovery process for patients who have undergone CABG, heart valve replacements, and thoracic surgery.


Despite having an online presence, General Cardiac Tech was finding that their Heart Hugger™ Sternum Support Harness website was not generating very many leads. The content was outdated and the user experience wasn't what it could be. 
They felt that their website lacked the right kinds of content to direct website visitors through the buyers journey, and they were right! There were holes in their content that needed to be filled to generate leads from hospitals and other medical facilities that provide postoperative solutions to patients. 


To aid General Cardiac Tech in reaching their sales goals, the Tribute Media team:

  • Built a modern website that is user-friendly and is laid out in a way that their buyer personas can easily find the information they are searching for.
  • Created an interactive content tool called the Benefit Calculator that helps medical professionals calculate the cost of infections for their hospital, and consequently reveals the need for implementation of Heart Hugger™ hospital-wide.
  • Began a proactive approach to content that optimizes and improves all existing content for search engines and for people to encourage greater visibility in search and increased conversions on the website. 
  • Focused on creating content that specifically answers questions and solves problems that medical professionals are facing when it comes to patient postoperative care.


  • A jump in organic search traffic from roughly 600 visits a month to over 2,000 visits a month- a 333% increase in organic traffic per month. 
  • A site-wide conversion rate of 7.13%, including them in the top 25% of sites to have conversions over 5.3%+. (The average conversion rate across industries is 2.35%)


  • Search engine optimized content that also answers the questions of people visiting their website (especially essential after Google's BERT algorithm update that happened in 2019)
  • A website experience and content that effectively moves buyers through the buyers journey
Sarah Wai

Written by Sarah Wai

Former Content, Email, and Social Media Marketing Specialist of Tribute Media. Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Arts and Master in Business Administration.