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Posted by Wally Narwhal on Feb 25, 2014 7:29:00 PM

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In the modern world of search engine optimization (SEO), we’re seeing that more relevance is placed on the overall user experience of a website when it comes to ranking a website on search engine results pages. Part of this user experience has to do with the content that comprises a website. Because content has become such a necessary factor in ranking websites, it is incumbent upon webmasters, SEOs, and other web marketers to ensure that the content that is found on a website is not duplicated anywhere else on the web.

There are a few different ways to accomplish this. First, you’ll want to make sure that no duplicate content exists within your site. Next, you’ll want to make sure that your work hasn’t been plagiarized or is being used in other areas of the Internet. Both can be harmful in terms of SEO and it’s a good idea to identify duplicate content and get rid of it whenever possible.

Ways to Identify Duplicate Content Include:

  • Checking the Site Manually- The simplest, albeit most painstaking, way to check for duplicate content on your website is to go through all of the pages and checking manually. This may be time consuming, but is an effective method and very thorough.
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools- If you have your website tied to Google Webmaster Tools, then you are able to receive alerts about duplicate content. Google makes it no secret that you can be penalized for duplicate content when it comes to SEO, and they will let you know if there is any on your site.
  • Using a Third Party Website- Having duplicate content on your website is one thing, but having your content being used across the web is another. Sites like Copyscape allow you to enter your site’s URL, and then search the web for any other use of that content. Unfortunately, there isn’t much recourse in terms of getting this content taken down, unless you report this to Google.

If you think there may be duplicate content on your website or floating around on the web, take the time to check! 

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