Building New Client Relationships

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Nov 18, 2013 3:39:00 PM

Building relationships

We value new relationships at Tribute Media. We have been starting a lot of projects these last few months and some of the topics we often discuss are:

  • The importance of planning
  • Communication
  • Setting the right expectations for our clients

If you can build a strong trusting relationship with clear expectations, the smoother your work will become down the line! Here are some tips we use to set the pace for our new clients.

Don’t Shortcut The Planning Phase

It’s critical to understand the state of each client’s current optimization and their goal for the future. It is also incredibly important to understand their competition and where opportunities exist to gain traffic. SEO is a voyage a business goes on. There always needs to be a clear map to follow from A to B.  Following these next few steps makes that voyage achievable.

Be Practical

You need to run your business in an efficient way while making sure to carefully manage the time spent on each client. Resources and time are finite and building a successful business depends on efficient management of your time and staff. Take some time for each client and focus on the essentials. The more a client pays you, the more time/resources you can spend on them. You need to be practical and ruthless with your time. You have a business to run!

The Planning Process

One thing that we do to build trust with a new client is to involve them in the planning phase. You need to understand their business. You need to identify who they are and what their business objective is. Everything is built around their objective. You need to paint a clear picture. The client needs to give their you their content to make this picture possible.

Some clients have a tendency to get frustrated at all the questions you ask them, but you can turn this situation to your advantage. Make this process about them, not you. This is a chance for them to influence the work you do and to increase their knowledge about SEO, which will help you both in the future.

If you take the time to explain the significance of their content and how it informs the actions you’ll take, clients can learn how you work, why you’re taking certain actions and what to expect from you. Taking the time to communicate with clients creates a foundation for them so they can trust you and leave you alone to get the job done!

Talk Regularly, Meet Rarely

Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting for establishing understanding and building trust, but meetings also suck up valuable time .You also need to establish rules about communication with your client. They hired you to improve their website, SEO, and marketing. This means that you won’t always have time to talk because you’re focusing on their work.

Client calls can’t be avoided, and most clients expect an update at least once a month. To stay effective, you need to establish a regular date, time and format for these updates. Make sure they know what to expect from you. This gives them comfort that they’re going to get the information they need and they can leave you alone to do the work.

We strive to communicate with our clients as much as possible at Tribute Media. We use Skype and conference calls to accomplish this.

Goals and Time Frames

There is a preconception among many businesses that SEO is a quick and easy route to success. This creates unrealistic expectations and leads to awkward conversations between the business and client. Your job is to carefully set client expectations while not scaring them away.  Now is not the time to nod your head and deal with it later. You must deal with it up front and set goals and timelines.The more experience you have, the easier it becomes to set accurate goals and time frames. You don’t want to promise unrealistic goals, but you do need to dangle the carrot of success to keep your clients interested.

Always remember to nourish your client relationships make sure you make them a priority during their entire project. We hope these simple steps will make a world of difference in your business endeavors. 

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