Are You Conveying the Right Social Media Message?

Posted by Hannah Lacy on Apr 14, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Social Media Message

Creating the right messaging can be very difficult, especially in regards to messaging online. While the web is great at getting information to a large number of people, it isn’t always the best at maintaining the intended tone of voice. Oftentimes, brands put something out there, only to find that it has been wildly misinterpreted or fallen on deaf ears. This is how disasters begin. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook bring interaction between brands and their customers to a new level, requiring an entirely different approach than traditional advertising and marketing tactics.

Eliminate Buzzwords & Industry Jargon:

When speaking with your followers online, you need to make sure that you are speaking in the most basic terms. By eliminating industry-speak, you remove opportunities for your messaging to be misinterpreted.

People Interpret Messages Differently:

One of the primary goals in your social media messaging should be to bring your message down to the lowest common denominator. By sending a simple, easy to consume message, you begin to take tone out of the equation, making it easier for the masses to interpret your message in the intended manner.

In addition to conveying the right message, you want to make sure that you are asking your followers the right questions. Here are some ways to identify whether or not the engagement you are seeking on social media is going to work out as you plan:

Think Through Your Questions:

Thinking through you questions allow you to begin to identify how people will respond. If your business is facing a public relations problem at the moment, you can be sure that individuals on social networks will use every opportunity to bring your focus back to the issue at hand.

Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst:

You need to be prepared when you put a message out there that the response may be negative. Identify potential problems so that you are prepared to address them should they arise. Being unprepared in these situations is where the real public relations problems arise. A rushed response to an already escalating situation does nothing but create more problems.

Social media isn’t a one size fits all solution for businesses, and it is important to understand that what works for one brand may not work for another. The messages you try to convey to your followers on social media won’t always be interpreted as you intend, and by identifying the ways that a message could be misinterpreted, it becomes easier to avoid social media disasters.

Hannah Lacy

Written by Hannah Lacy

Originally from Payette, Hannah started working for Tribute Media in late 2014. Previously, she helped manage two Christian nonprofits aiding individuals in poverty. Hannah is proud to be part of the Tribute team: "I enjoy the atmosphere and the attitude that every day should be about learning. There is a wonderful focus on education and improvement to benefit both our employees and our clients." She loves Boise because of the friendly people and the opportunities to explore nature. A big Charles Dickens fan, her favorite novel is A Tale of Two Cities. Biggest guilty pleasure: "Donuts. I never pass up a donut of any kind. Except the ones with custard or cherry filling-that's just a waste of a donut."

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