4 Tips for Brainstorming Blog Topics

Posted by Ben Schultz on Mar 13, 2017 4:30:55 PM

brainstorming blogging topics

Very few things are more frustrating than writer’s block. You just sit at your desk and stare at your desktop screen. Your mind is a total blank—it’s like you’ve forgotten how to link words together to form a coherent sentence. Meanwhile, your word processor’s cursor blinks at you mockingly. (Can you tell I’m writing from experience here?)

At times like those, you can feel like you’re cast out at sea. Here are a few life preservers you can grab when you’re trying to come up with blog ideas and writer’s block strikes.

Ask Your Customers and Coworkers

The whole point of writing a blog for your business is to attract and engage customers. So when you’re trying to come up with blog topics, it makes sense to get input from your existing customer base. After all, who can tell you what clients want to know better than the clients themselves?

Try creating a survey on your blog to get input from readers on what they’d like you to write about. Online tools like Google Surveys make it easy to create surveys that will yield valuable insights into your customers’ interests.

Also, talk with people in your company who regularly interact with clients. They’ll be able to tell you questions that customers frequently ask and problems they often have. That can give you inspiration for blog content.

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Check Other Blogs and Social Media

Keep an eye on what others in your industry are writing about. You can subscribe to blogs that touch on topics relating to your market. Also, tools like BuzzSumo let you see content that’s getting attention on social media sites.

Use Hubspot Topic Generator

Sometimes, you just need a title to get the creative juices flowing. Hubspot has a free topic generator on its website. You just plug in three terms related to your business, and the generator will pump out a list of titles that you can use as inspiration for blog subjects (as an added bonus, you’ll get some solid headlines for your blogs).

Use Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner

Having a particular keyword phrase in your mind can help inspire you too. With AdWords Keyword Planner from Google, you can type in a term and get hundreds of related phrases. You can also get valuable data on the most popular keywords such as how many times people search for them.

Keep Your Toolkit Stocked

To stay inspired and productive, you need a lot of tools in your toolkit. By using resources such as the ones listed above, you can have an easier time creating content that draws people to your business.

Now, enough procrastinating; get to work!

Ben Schultz

Written by Ben Schultz

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