True Grit of Successful People

Posted by Mary Woolf on Oct 22, 2015 9:00:00 AM

John Wayne in True Grit

We have a philosophy here at Tribute Media- client success is our top objective. When I meet with a client, I want to learn about them, their business, their business goals and objectives, and how we can assist in making those goals and objectives come to fruition. We do not take on an account unless we are confident we can help our client be successful. At times, that could mean turning someone away. In order to maintain the level of integrity that we all believe in at Tribute Media, we have determined that a few prospects would not be a good fit, and ultimately declined the opportunity to work with them.

Integrity is not just a catchy slogan.

Integrity is what drives all of our decisions around here. You see it from the leaders and the sales team, to our production and support teams, who at times, have the uncomfortable task of pushing back on clients who want changes that are not in client’s best interest. You see incredible integrity in our development team, who have churned out business sites to the tune of almost a 100 a year, who know that sometimes cool or flashy is not the best digital online strategy for a company or its brand. Our marketing team knows that when a client comes to us demanding to be placed on the first pages of search engines that there is a larger scope to SEO, and that is not all there is to effective marketing in the digital world.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” 

- Henry Ford

We only stop improving if we stop learning.

People hire us to be the experts we are, and we are confident that is exactly what we have worked hard to achieve since our inception in 2007. Have we made mistakes? Well, of course, and we are not afraid to make more in the pursuit of our top objective- our clients' success. One thing I am confident of in the time I have been with Tribute Media is the tenacity to stick with this objective time and time again and the courage to stand up to mistakes we have made and do whatever is necessary to make it right with our clients.

What you get when you hire us is true grit! You would want a little John Wayne on your side, right?

Mary Woolf

Written by Mary Woolf