Foursquare Basics for Your Business

Posted by Wally Narwhal on Sep 17, 2013 11:00:00 AM


If your business currently has an online presence, then you probably have utilized some of the basic constituents of social media. These would be the obvious two, Facebook and Twitter, and to a lesser extent, maybe Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Most businesses can do just fine in terms of their web presence with these popular social media mediums, but there are a few industries that can certainly benefit from using a more obscure social media platform: Foursquare.


Foursquare was a platform launched in March of 2009 that was designed to be a location based social networking site for mobile devices. Users of the app can “check-in” at certain venues using their mobile devices which results in rewards to the user in the form of deals, badges, and points. It currently boasts around 33 million users and is available in over 12 countries. If you’re in a city that is currently covered in Foursquare’s range, then you may want to see if their services are applicable to your business.

Some Foursquare basics that you should know include:

  • Take Control of your Listing- The first thing that you probably want to do as a business owner is take control of your company’s listing on Foursquare. Chances are, your business is already listed, which means all you need to do is verify your association with the business. Once this is done, you can add a business description, hours of operation, your website, and other social media links.
  • Create a Special- If you’re running a restaurant or bar, you probably have at least one special running at any given time. Advertise this special on Foursquare, or create a special that is used exclusively on Foursquare. When your customers check in via Foursquare, they will then be entitled to that special.
  • Monitor the Data- Different users may respond to each special you propose differently. It’s important that you monitor any feedback and data from your users so that you are able to craft a strategy that works for your business. If one thing keeps your customers coming back, stick with it.
  • Reward your Mayor- A somewhat unique feature on Foursquare is the fact that the user that checks into your location the most within a 60 day period is crowned the mayor of that location. It would be wise to appease the mayor and give him special privileges, as he or she is your most loyal customer. This can include a free drink on the house or a free appetizer.

Although Foursquare’s popularity has waned a bit due to Facebook offering a check in capability, it is still a viable social media platform in some cities. If you live in a city that does currently have a Foursquare presence, you should definitely considered claiming your listing and getting creative.

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