Don Elliott

Art Director

Don is the art guy. For our clients, Don sits in on projects from the beginning and works to visually communicate our clients and what they offer to their audience within the framework of the web. He says, "My job is to incorporate those considerations into our overall plan for our clients, and in a lot of cases, I’m actually the one doing the design work as well." He excels at finding the balance between the bang of the visuals and the practicality of budgets, goals, and timelines.

Don holds a degree in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Seattle and has worked in web design for two decades. Originally from Seattle, Don appreciates having four seasons as opposed to year-round rain.

Once in a rap group called Kaysethugz, Don gave up the stage name Dcaff and literally dozens of fans to settle in Idaho with his wife and three adorable children. He still has a Kaysethugz tattoo: "It doesn't come off."



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