Our Proven Process

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Understanding Your Business

Understanding your organization starts in the sales process and continues throughout our relationship. We want to know more than your marketing goals or what you want your website to look like. Your website and marketing efforts are just a means to an end. What is your mission? Who is your best client? What are your business growth goals? The answers to these questions shape our…

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The most important factor in the success of any web strategy is trust. Whenever possible, an in-person workshop is the best way to kick-start the relationship between our team and your key stakeholders to ensure we’re aligned on the goals of the engagement and a path to meet those goals. Results don’t happen overnight, but we only win if you move closer to your goals. 

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We want you to get the most from your relationship with Tribute Media. We have many tools in our tool kit that we’ll share with you. You’ll receive a Client Workbook documenting the scope of the engagement, our strategy, timelines, deliverables, and more. We’ll continue to ask questions, survey you and your team, and occasionally send you resources and reminders.

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In every strategy and tactic we execute, we’ll be employing experience, best practices, expertise and processes we’ve developed over the years. Whether taking a website live or publishing a new blog post, getting something on the web is just the beginning. We live by the philosophy that done is better than perfect, and the only way to really improve is to put something out there and iterate.

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We honor data, end-user feedback, traffic analytics, and conversion rates over opinions and feelings. When it comes to the internet, nothing is ever really “complete” so get it out there to see what your audience responds to. See what works and what doesn't. No one should ever be too proud to recognize when an approach with the best intentions isn’t working and change course.  

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Continuous ImprovementS

Your web presence requires ongoing and consistent effort. From making updates to your website's functionality and user experience, to publishing new content that aligns with what your audience wants to know, your website should have meaningful, impactful updates made on a monthly basis.