How to Use Your Website as a Branding Tool

Posted by Corey Smith on Jul 17, 2013 11:54:00 AM

Using your website to set your brand

Having a strong brand to back up your business is an essential tool in becoming recognizable, differentiated, and consistent as a company. Put simply, your company’s brand is the image and feelings you convey to your customers. It’s a way to tell potential customers all about your company, your culture, and how you go about accomplishing your goals. Some brands are highly recognizable and visible throughout the globe while other brands are more obscure and aren’t as well received by the community. Whatever the case is for your company, there are many different ways to communicate your brand to the world.

While a component of your brand, your logo isn’t your brand. A brand is much more intangible and has to do more with the feelings and how your company is perceived within certain circles or communities. Businesses go to great lengths to craft their brands and find innovative ways to share their brands with the world. Whether increasing brand awareness, building brand equity, or launching a new brand, your company’s website plays an integral role in branding your company.


Elements that can be Used as a Branding Tool

Color Scheme

The first step in branding your company online is to choose the correct color scheme. Color is a powerful tool that invokes emotion in people and the color used for your website determines how you are perceived by consumers. Think of how Apple has used white to convey cleanliness, technology, and innovation and Coke’s use of red in their website to stay consistent with their existing brand.

Website Content

Your website’s content is your chance to speak directly to your customer. Are you attempting to convey a professional and strong company that is an industry leader, or are you trying to express a young and fun company that likes to have fun and joke around. The quality and type of content your site features will play an important part of how your brand is received.

Overall Design and Layout

The overall design and layout speak to how your users interact with your website. Is your site big and flashy with a lot of visual aspects or is it clean with a more precise action you want your users to take? Fun and interactive design elements can brand your company as something completely different than a business using straightforward design tactics.

Use of Innovation

There are many new and innovative features that companies are able to use in their overall web design. Depending on the desired perception of your brand, you may want to use the newest design features in your designs, or stick with classic design elements. Interactive games, Easter eggs, and April Fools jokes on your website can say a lot about your brand.

Make the process easier by designing all elements to be consistent with your brand image. Also, increase the visibility of your brand as much as possible. Use your website to build on your company’s existing brand equity to realize the benefits of owning a strong brand.

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Written by Corey Smith

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